Mike Oldfield Lyrics

You can't speak; you can't sleep
You daren't move; you're confused
You never talk; you can't walk
You can't feel; you're not real

If I open my eyes, just far enough
I can see what you're doing
Go on, fight to the end; it's tough enough
When you're on the road to ruin, yeah!

You're a hostage of the heart
Twisted 'round the smallest finger
Two burning eyes are tearing you apart
Turn your soul into a cinder

There's no rest; you're possessed
You can't leave; you can't breathe
The door slams; your head hangs
You blank stare; you don't care

If you open your eyes just far enough
You see the street lamps flicker
Go on, fight to the end; it's tough enough
When you know the end is bitter


You're number's up; you're eyes shut
You're on the brink; you can't think
You want to run, but you're stunned
You can't lie; you don't try

If I open my eyes, look hard enough
I see the blue light flashes
Go on, fight to the end; it's tough enough
Riding on the road to ashes

[Chorus x 2]

I'm a hostage of your heart
You can twist me 'round your finger
Your burning eyes are tearing me apart
Turn my soul into a cinder
Boy, boy, hostage of your heart
Can you twist me 'round your finger?


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Jeff R.

GTR singer. Gettin' into it (LOL).

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