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Do You Think About Me
by Next

[Chorus: x2]
Do you think about me
When you're laying next to him?
How I used to flex you right,
How I used to hold you tight.
How you get all sticky with me,
And making love all night.

You there with him,
Said I live for less.
Knowing you're second best,
I toss and turn, can't rest.
I know you think of the night
You slept with your head on my chest.
I can't imagine you're happy with him.
I confess, to have had a chance to love you,
I feel blessed.
But I see my princess,
And my heart pounds in my chest.
I just can't let you go,
And I gotta know:
Do you think about me? Yeah.


As I reminisce of the love we shared,
Baby, you know I care.
Anything you want, anything you need,
Baby, I'll be there.
Guess he dirty macked,
You left but I'll take you back.
Don't know what it is,
I guess ya just gotta like that.
Ya got me open baby,
Ya got me going crazy.
Just want to hold on,
This love I got is so strong.
I just can't let you go.
And I gotta, I gotta, I gotta know:
Do you think about me?


Girl I know he can't love you, like me.
I want to love you
Completely, sweetly, baby.
I got more love than you'll ever need.
So girl now let me show you, yeah, yeah.
Oh girl, listen to me, yeah.


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