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Helena, don't walk away
Before you give me back my heart
If it were mine it would be yours to take
I'm sorry I let down my guard, oh helena

You looked so sweet
I should have seen
While I was playing for fun
You were playing for keeps
You win I lose
Is there some way
You can leave me
In your debts oh my girl

And I can live to die another day
On that day I won't forget you helena

You look so sweet
Waiting for me
While I wait for her
To give me any reason to leave

Don't waste your pretty sympathy
She's gonna be just fine
Helena so will we
So will everything in time

Helena don't walk away
Did you hear one word I said oh well
I never really liked her anyway
And I forgot her
I'll forget you helena

You're not that sweet
And neither is she
Go ahead and tell her anything

You are good helena
Guys like me never sleep alone at night
I don't need your sympathy
'Cause I'll always be
Just fine
Yeah I'll always be
Just fine

Yeah I'll always be
Just fine

Written by: CHRIS THILE

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Franks New Bike

This song is incredible, I always feel this song got lost amongst other genres of 2006-2016 and it almost feels like they created what is realistically and intrinsically “emo” in the hipster and more acoustic sense; it’s very Kevin Devine and I LOVE IT


The ending to this song hits the soul so hard <3

Danae L

Got in a car accident listening to this song, went over a small bridge on a gravel road, nearly died quite literally (thank God for air ambulances and jaws of life!) I'll never forget this song 😂

Kat Rose

this song is my personal hell🙃

A Smith

S a m e

Jessica Muchnick

"...so will everything in time"


This awesome song is a great counterpoint to the song Jolene (excellent version by Mindy Smith). This is the desired man’s perspective versus the woman singing to Jolene. I love how quickly he turns from sweet to bitter in the verses. So much at play here.

Now what’s Jolene’s take on this as a song?

Thomas Liardon

And it’s separated by a violin solo that I can only interpret to be Helena’s rejection... pretty clever stuff

freddie hoffman

Truly powerful song. Very real.


I agree with that statement

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