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I Know you are somewhere out there
I Know you are somewhere out there
I Know you are somewhere out there
I Know you are somewhere out there
I Know you are somewhere out there
I Know you are somewhere out there
I Know you are somewhere out there
Listen to your Heart and Dreams
Fall in Love
Listen to your Heart and Dreams
Fall in Love
Listen to your Heart and Dreams
Fall in Love
Listen to your Heart and Dreams
Fall in Love
Listen to your Heart and Dreams
Fall in Love
Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you

Overall Meaning

The song "I Wanna Know" by Omar S. feat. James Garcia is an ode to the desire of exploring and visiting Europe. The lyrics describe the everyday mundane routine of the singer's life and how he dreams of visiting various countries in Europe to break free from his pain and monotony. They talk about taking showers and getting lost in daydreams of Europe, thinking of Old Town Square and the blue whales in Wales, and how he longs to visit various countries including Portugal, Russia, and Switzerland. The chorus repeats the desire to go to Spain, Turkey, Wales, and Ukraine while mentioning other countries in Europe.

The lyrics embody the universal longing for adventure and wanting to explore new places, something that is relatable to many people. The lyrics also capture the desperation of wanting to escape from one's life and the monotony of it. It shows how people can find solace and meaning in exploring new places and experiencing new things. The song urges listeners to follow their desires and take risks, especially when it comes to discovering new parts of the world.

Line by Line Meaning

All those times taking showers
Reflecting on my thoughts during my daily routine of taking a shower

I think of Europe
My mind wanders to the idea of exploring Europe during this moment of reflection

All those boring office hours
During the mundane routine of working in an office

I dream of Europe
My mind conjures up images of traveling and exploring Europe as a form of escapism

Maybe go next year?
Asking myself the question of whether I should plan to visit Europe the following year

And see the Old Town Square
To visit and take in the sights of the historic landmark in Europe

But I've no time to spare
However, I currently do not have any free time to make this trip a reality

Now I'm in despair...
Feeling hopeless and melancholic that I cannot currently go to Europe

I wanna go to Spain, to let go this pain
I desire to visit Spain to release and alleviate this emotional pain

To let it go cold-turkey, I wanna go to Turkey
In an attempt to quit bad habits abruptly, I want to visit Turkey

I wanna go to Wales to see big blue whales
My aspiration is to see large blue whales in Wales

And to see a blue crane, I'll go to Ukraine
To fulfill my desire of viewing a blue crane, I will travel to Ukraine

I wanna go to Montenegro, Monaco, Bulgaria, Moldova
My goal is to explore and experience the countries of Montenegro, Monaco, Bulgaria, and Moldova

Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Iceland and Andorra
Additionally, I aspire to visit Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Iceland, and Andorra

Austria, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Macedonia
I have a strong desire to explore and enjoy the cultures of Austria, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, and Macedonia

Serbia, Slovakia, Portugal, Estonia
Finally, my goals include visiting Serbia, Slovakia, Portugal, and Estonia

Wearing glasses of rose color
Viewing the world through a positive and optimistic lens

Full of joy and cheer
Feeling happy and enthusiastic

I'll quit my job before the Summer
Planning to leave my current job before the summer months

To make my statement clear
Making a bold statement about my intentions to travel and pursue my interests

Feeling so refreshed
Experiencing a sense of rejuvenation and renewal

Spring is great for singing
The spring season inspires me to sing and feel lively

I'll start from Budapest
Planning to begin my travels in Budapest

And that's just the beginning...
There is still so much more exploring and adventure to be had

I wanna go to Hungary when I am hungry
I desire to visit Hungary when I am feeling hungry

When life is pain, I will go to Spain
In moments of emotional pain, I will visit Spain for comfort

Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Russia and Slovenia
My plans include visiting Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Russia, and Slovenia

Switzerland and Scotland, Poland, Denmark, Czechia
Additionally, I aspire to travel to Switzerland, Scotland, Poland, Denmark, and Czechia

San Marino, Sweden, Vatican, Romania
My travel goals also include visiting San Marino, Sweden, Vatican, and Romania

Israel, Italy, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Albania
Finally, I desire to visit Israel, Italy, Ireland, Kazakhstan, and Albania

Over time many colors
As time passes, many things change

May have come and gone
Many opportunities or experiences may have passed by without taking advantage of them

Look them up on the map
One can reference these missed opportunities by studying a map of places visited or that could have been visited

And some you've never known
There are also new and unknown places to discover

I'm almost double twenty
I am approaching my fortieth birthday

No plane, no train, no boat
I do not plan to use any of the common forms of transportation (planes, trains or boats) to travel

The ocean size is plenty
I have an ample number of options for traveling overseas

I better stay afloat...
I must remain financially afloat while traveling and pursuing my dreams

Luxembourg and Latvia, Malta, France, Croatia
My travel goals also include exploring Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, France, and Croatia

Faroe Islands, Finland, Cyprus, Norway, Georgia
Additionally, I desire to visit the Faroe Islands, Finland, Cyprus, Norway, and Georgia

Germany, Gibraltar, England, Greece, Armenia
My plans also include visiting Germany, Gibraltar, England, Greece, and Armenia

Belarus and Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Finally, I plan to visit Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

Here we go again
Starting the cycle of travel and exploration once more

All the way to Europe!
Traveling the vast and diverse continent of Europe in its entirety

All the way to Europe!
Emphasizing the enthusiasm and determination for traveling all throughout Europe

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