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What you call me? (tramp!)
No you didn't! (you don't wear continental clothes, or Stetson hats)
Well, I tell you one doggone thing
It makes me feel good to know one thing, I know I am a lover
(Matter of opinion) that's all right, mama was, papa too
And I'm the only child, lovin' is all I know to do
(You know what, Otis?) what? (you're country)
That's all right (you straight from the Georgia woods) that's good!
(You know what, you wear overalls)
(And big old brogan shoes)
And you need a haircut, tramp (haircut, woman, you foolin', ooh, I'm a lover)
Mama was, grandmama, papa too, boogaloo, all that stuff
And I'm the only son-of-a-gun this side of the Sun

Tramp! (yeah, that's what you are)

(You know what, Otis? I don't care what you say, you're still a tramp) what?
(That's right, you haven't even got a fat bankroll in your pocket)
(You probably haven't even got twenty-five cents)
I got six Cadillacs, five Lincolns, four Fords
Six Mercuries, three T-Birds, Mustangs, ooh, I'm a lover
My mama was, my papa too
I'm gonna tell you one thing (well, tell me)
I'm the only son-of-a-gun this side of the sun.

(You're a tramp, Otis) (no I'm not)
(I don't care what you say, you're still a tramp) what's wrong with that?
(Lookee here, ou ain't got no money) I got everything
(You can't buy me all those minks and sables and all that stuff I want)
I can buy you minks, rats, frogs, squirrels, rabbits, anything you want, woman
(Look, you can go out in the Georgia woods and catch them, baby)
Oh, you goofy, now (no, you're still a tramp) that's all right
(Tramp, Otis, you just a tramp) that's all right, that's all right
You wear overalls, you need a haircut, baby
Cut off some of that hair off your head
You think you a lover, huh?

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

That AMC Guy

@Gerald Abraham Stax was not the most well-equipped studio even into the 1970's. If memory serves me, they shelled out the big money for an AMPEX 8-track tape machine in 1965 or '66.... but they used that machine well into the 70's. I don't think they had the money to go 16-track until sometime in 1971. The Shaft Soundtrack by Isaac Hayes was probably one of their first - if not THE first 16-track session at Stax.

For comparison, the big boy studios controlled by the likes of RCA or Columba were 16-track by the fall of 1968. Even some of the independent studios like the Record Plant in New York or American Sound in LA were 16-track no later than 1970.

Recording vocals is no easy task. You also had to consider distortion. Are you familiar with the Beatles song "Revolution"? EMI engineers originally told the boys they could not cut that record. The needle would jump out of the groove!

Otis' voice would cause lots of distortion if his voice weren't toned-down a bit when he gets loud.

So many things to consider in this case.... his vocal mike.... how many takes they tried to do, what the booth sounded like..... the recording process in the 60's was pretty difficult.

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Try to listen to this song without moving a muscle.

L Mercurio


Vince Edwards

Impossible!!!! Old school music just made you move!!!!

Rambo Jambone


Kathy Carter

Okay!! Its impossible

Just Aguy

Professional living mannequins couldn't do this.

65 More Replies...

Bootney Farnsworth

Otis you so country!!! Straight from the Georgia Woods!!That's Good!! 😆

Asmodeus 1

That is good

Justin Winn The Second

@Justin Winn im you but in the future

Justin Winn The Second

@Justin Winn same

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