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P.A.G.A.N Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by P.A.G.A.N:

Amen Flesh: Amen, amen if you've felt the struggles, say ... ...…

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I can't wait for the future sequels

PAGAN: On Ice!
PAGAN: Insert Metaphor Here
The PAGAN Out of Space
PAGAN: Revengeance
Technopolis Drift
PAGAN, or "How I learned to stop caring and love the Martyr"
PAGAN: Dark Corners of the Hard Drive
PAGAN: Your Child Looking for the Fool Card
PAGAN: Classic

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If you want to support the developer, Oleander Garden, please consider wishlisting Autogeny on Steam. It comes out on Halloween of this year:

Alternatively, download/purchase their games on their page: (you choose your own prices!)

EDIT: This is my favourite theory so far, courtesy of ClaymoreHouston!


Do you happen to remember much about what the reddit comment said? I was interested in reading it, but it looks like the user deleted it for one reason or another :(


Do you happen to have an archive of the Twitch stream where the developer paid you a visit?

Chris Ossu

The fact that no one else has heard of this game is disappointing. There's like literally only one other video that covered this game.


I know! It's such a great and unique game series. I think its obscurity adds to its effectiveness, though. It's an esoteric game about an esoteric game. I love that!

Eternal Inquisitor

CH03 is not "chapter"- it's channel. Channel 03 is one of the most commonly used channels for displays that use old RCA connections. You'd flip over to channel 3 to use your VCR, DVD player, and (most importantly) your games console.


Ahh I see. Someone on reddit mentioned something similar. Thanks for letting me know!

At least it still has some relevance!


This developer really has a way of putting words together perfectly to create a feeling of unease. Even just the word "Autogeny" and the titles of the fictional games like "Your Child Looking West." Everything feels so mindfully crafted. These games fulfill this subconscious desire to be thoroughly creeped out that I have which is something that's hard to find, and I haven't truly found since Silent Hill. So thanks for making these videos and analyses. I'm really glad I found your initial reddit post. Looking forward to more.


Oleander Garden really is an artist, I've not encountered such powerful writing in a long time - and never from a single developer. I'm glad you've enjoyed the videos! It's been a blast making them and working with people on streams & reddit.

some dude

"Ops." probably means opus, though usually it'd be "op." with no "s" in it. I don't see how that might be significant but, in case it is, I figured it'd be worth mentioning the difference. Opus 12 would be a composer's 12th work, assuming they numbered them chronologically without skipping numbers (which wasn't always true). E minor is a key with 1 sharp on the F note if memory of my time in band serves, though I can't see any way that's connected to a game.

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