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P.A.G.A.N Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by P.A.G.A.N:

Amen Flesh: Amen, amen if you've felt the struggles, say ... ...…

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@Chris Harmon
H I S T O R Y ??
Chuck Missler how we got our bible is a better source than maim skreem controlled media propaganda machine, who would claim to know the creator and yet deny him.
By their fruits you will know them.
Westcott and Hort called the manuscripts known as Vaticanus & Sianaticus the oldest and in their estimation the best --- pity they didn't have Chuck or Walter to advise them.
changing the word. Veith.
battle of the bibles
52.20 minutes Westcott and Hort and the family information of changes to bibles
Who actually dared to change and omit words and even half a chapter
the last 12 verses of mark.
Chuck Missler. 13 minutes 22 seconds
What an interesting history, but then it was foretold way before it happened.
What an amazing book.

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Julia Lumina

Im not so sure how accurate these are man....

Neo13 Feather_Baby

39:31 The more I watch this the sadder I get, the eagle was not Odin's bird it was two Ravens. I'm sorry. Just all the misinformation in this video is getting a dislike from me. And is too painful to finish watching. Please do more research before you speak about other religions or better yet just stick with Christianity. I like to study all religion's and cult's. But this video irritated me and was so painful to watch I can't even finish it.

Chia Sanzes

Anyone else thinking the old lady maybe knew little too much of sacrfice? 😲. I would not like her to be my neighbour.

John Kelly

First of all, it wasn't Moses that came up with the moral laws in the Ten Commandments. Those moral laws had been established well before that. And, the lady telling us what the Celts thought - exactly how does she know? I'm pretty sure the Celts were a lot more comfortable in a forest than she would be.

Ilkka Friman

Agree. These arec only make believe fairy tales. They know nothing. They only tell stories they invent themselves. Disgusting distortion of history. Pthyi,

Stop 5G Now and respect life

Thank you very much James. Same to you !
Just for the record, I am a 115 pound female (its the key to long healthy life.The old boys are killing themselves with tv, beer and chips!) Not so funny

James W

@Stop 5G Now and respect life 80 years old? You're a lucky fella. God bless you sir.

Frank Kelly

OK Johnnie, I'll buy that for a nickel.

Suzanne Lawson

@Stop 5G Now and respect life You might reflect more closely on your own thoughts and words, i.e., "Don't make assumptions about people's thoughts by looking at their lovely artifacts," and consider following your own admonition. The symbolism of the empty cross appears lost on you, and that, in the eyes of many, is a pity . You are entitled to your own beliefs, of course, and the expression of those beliefs, but it's rather disingenuous to adjure others to follow your lead while dismissing out of hand their sensibilities.

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tom brunila

The nearest I could find was a team of rugby players!

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