Beyond Infinite Affections
P.M. Dawn Lyrics

Mr. Wonderfull you, you're thinking 'bout life
You're thinking 'bout love,
You're thinkin' 'bout the ways to break it down
You got 18 myths and 5 different ways into the mind.
But you're lookin for the verbs and nouns
Po' you, watcha wanna do switch rooms?
And walk around space with your black and blue balloons
No, from what I hear, you used to dance in the face of fear
But now you're runnin' from the monkey on the moon
It's twelve o'clock, what makes a difference in the tides
Exploding paths to dismay, and if so
I'll never catch you with a runaround Sue
Playin peek-a-boo with ribbon in your fro hell no
If I was to lie, if I was to cheat.
Would you see me with a flower in my hand
Then beyond infinite connections
Sit these excuses for all the lies

Do you love me
No. Could you love
Would you try to love me
Then I don't think you understand.

Breaka one breaka two, tell me what to do.
The room's full check your psyche or get another spoonful.
Caress the silk lines until it turns pink.
Another link that wants to push you to the brink.
If only distance likes to leave you in the clouds,
And fear was merely created by a man.
Then beyond infinite connections there exists nothing
And nothing understands


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Tiffany Noel

I love this song. One of my favs from them

Melody Haislip

Don't know why they weren't more popular. Great group with a highly identifiable style and beautiful harmonies!


no tits, ass and blings.


I remember driving through east Texas listening to this album over and over and over. Good times


Amazingly bold at the time to put a song like this on the same album as songs like "more than likely" and a Beatles cover, Prince Be was the rarest of phenomenons, a master of all trades.


Luv it always ♥

curtis norris

this the hardest song they ever made!

Michael Angel

In bed and listening to this song brings back dance flashbacks!

Iuli Iuli

The best music.

Zelalem Asfaw

nice song!

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