No Cock Like Horse Cock
Pepper Coyote Lyrics

My neighbors ask me why I'm limping down the way
And who that fellow was who came by yesterday
I quickly turn my face before I start to blush
'Cause frankly there is nothing I can say

I've always had a thing for pushing the extremes
And I've just got a thing you won't find in the magazines
This molded silicone has got me begging please
Give me more of what I really need
'Cause there is no cock like horse cock
Send your asshole into shock
You need horse cock of course-cock
Grab the lube and slam the day away

My shaft is quivering, my balls are turning blue and
I think of drinking in a foot or even two
My favorite stallion that I keep in my top drawer
Slip it in and out be dripping goo

As I take more cock, horse cock
Shut the door and turn the lock
Is your cock a horse cock?
You will never hear me saying neigh!

'Cause there is no cock like horse cock
Rub my dick inside a sock
Don't stop now, horse cock
Stretch out my insides and make me pray

My lovely horse cock, horse cock
Horse cock, horse cock

Writer(s): Jared Michael Clark

Contributed by Jacob I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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My boyfriend: "What are you listening to?"

Me: "...........................The Weeknd."

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basically me...

God of pancakes Mooni

that works




So a while ago I was at Guitar Center and started tuning an acoustic guitar. A worker came up to me and asked if I was planning on buying it for myself or for as a gift. So I told a story about how my dad plays acoustic guitar but needs a new one because his is old. The worker then tells me that he actually fixes up guitars, and I could bring the guitar in to have him check up on it. So now I have I go to Guitar Center with a guitar I haven’t played in years to go get fixed because I was too nervous to tell him I was trying to play “No Cock Like Horse Cock”


this reads like a greentext 4chan post

Gabriel Schleifer

You really think this guy hasn't heard people trying to play dirty songs in his store? XD

Bleys McNutt

Coolbean94vevo Gamer moment.


Ah hell, I'm on the horsecock side of YouTube again.

The king Of l4d2

@Mekhane. Broken why not?

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