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by Purrbot

I'm turning into my father

I am so much like him

Will I be 27 before I date again

I want to kiss my father

I want to hold his hand

We could trade secrets on which we'd let no one in

I want learn what I don't know about him

Share what I have not shared

Which is no short order

We will be met with cold chipped shoulders

Encouraging us to stay our hands

They will say "Shhhhh! Don't be so loud!

Don't draw attention to yourself!

Don't talk with your hands!

Don't act like you like each other in public!

Don't stick out like sore thumbs!

What would we do if you raised the bar

On father/son relations

We'd look so bad!

We're already so sub par"

I do not know you half as well as I'd like

And we live so far away

We could trade stories

And uncover common hopes and neuroses

God, I am just like you, aren't I

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