Quarterbacks Lyrics

i have to forget
your number
because it's been getting
me in trouble
last night on the phone
i said i was ok alone

but here i am again
outside your door
predictably yours
and i know this feeling
because i've felt this way before
i'm in love as usual

when you said you loved me
did you just mean you missed me
because i don't know the difference
and these feelings get confusing
next time you visit home
maybe i shouldn't know

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Matthias Martin

Despite all the good displayed in this video I see one fundamental issue:

He doesn't threaten all three levels of the field well enough.

His coaches are game-planning around his limitations a lot.

His potential is Jimmy Garoppolo/Cincinatti Andy Dalton + X

Hard to reliably win a lot of games with a QB like that.

All comments from YouTube:

Kou Chang

Hey JT. When a Qb heel clicks , is it just bad form that causes him to be inaccurate or does it cause him to be late with the pass? Thanks in advance. Great video as always, keep it up.

Nikil Ragav

I've been wanting to ask this question for a long time

The QB School

Wasted movement. Change eye levels. Elongates throwing process. Tough to replicate rhythm even if a good throw vs a strong base, less movement, head still, shortens throwing process, consistent power.

Jonathan Moore

Good look / insight. He will get quicker with the reads and better with decision making. All in all... With minutes to go... He gave the phins the lead. Even with the errors... He needs to throw the ball away if necessary.

B Dot

Great video as usual JT! Been waiting for this one! He’s only 13 starts into his career so he has time to clean up those interceptions. Seems like he’s thrown at least 1 BAD pick each game this year. Big test coming up against the Bills with trade rumors lingering. Hope the best for the kid!

Patrick Lewis

@B Dot Agree 1000%. Too me most of his injuries came off holding the ball too long trying to make something happen outside of the pocket, instead of either taking the physically easier sack, not getting drug or twisted down (causing ankle and hip surgeries) or just throwing it away. Then picking up the 3rd down or kicking the FG.

The reason I dont love that play, is whats happening to him now. It leads to over confidence, making him think he can just throw it up. But he doesnt have the same protection, nor does he have the same group of receivers (except Waddle, who seems to be the most consistently open receiver) and TEs like he did at Bama. The talent he's GOING AGAINST, in most cases now, is better that the talent he's throwing to.

Patrick Lewis

@Don DaJulah I agree 100000% As a Bama fan, I know Tua throws INTs in the scoring area. I can name three off the top of my head. Tennessee 2019 inside 5 on a dead play rolling to his left. Instead of just throwing it out of bounds, he tries to force it to Ruggs. Picked in the end zone. 2018 UGA SEC Champ first drive. After scrambling around trying to make something happen almost getting his ankle broken and still getting sacked, the very next play he tries to force one on a 3rd and goal from the 20 into the end zone, PICKED!!!! He threw a second on near the end zone to Waddle that same game that cost him the Heisman. I agree he's always tried to do too much. But his very first TD of 2018 to Jeudy vs Louisville and another TD to Jeudy vs TENN that same year, he did the same thing. But Jeudy came down with them both and made Tua look great. My issue is, QBs like Burrow, who people love, gets away with that bc they are trying to make a play. But when he does something like this, ...nothing is said. Burrow has 8 INTs in 7 games. Both Cincy losses, he has multiple INTs. But noone says anything, bc theyre in first place. The Dolphins should be 3-4. The past two losses Tua had the lead late in the games. Jax, Flores cost them the game w/ bad challenges and bad 4th down calls. And we know what happened at the end of ATL. Also remember Tua missed 3 games bc his OL is trash and gave him a set of broken ribs.

B Dot

@Patrick Lewis I watched Tua extensively throughout his time at Bama and remember this play. Honestly I don’t mind it. He holds the safety off ruggs with the pump fake and then throws a 1 on 1 jump ball. He knows Ruggs is better than the DB so he gives him a chance and it worked. He made a living off big plays like this at bama. The plays that bother me more were when he holds the ball too long, gets out of the pocket then takes a huge hit trying to make a big play.

Patrick Lewis

@B Dot Yeah. He's always been overly aggressive. If you look at Tua's history, other than his thumb injury before 2018, all of his injuries have come when he's been pressured, trying to escape the pocket and getting run down. And the majority of his TOs have come trying to make something happen. Watch this video clip. This play has always bothered me. A TD to Henry Ruggs vs AU in 2018. Instead of throwing the easy check down to Damien Harris out of the backfield, Tua pump fakes to the right, the just throws it up to Ruggs. Watch how wide open Harris is flaring out of the backfield to before the ball is even thrown.

Don DaJulah

@Patrick Lewis He threw a really bad pick against the Patriots at home last year where they were inside the opponents ten yard line and he was in the process of getting sacked. His interceptions do seem from trying to do too much vs a receiver misplaying the ball or a 50/50 ball which you expect to have a higher risk.

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