Leaving Home Ain't Easy
Queen Lyrics

I take a step outside
And I breath the air
And I slam the door
And I'm on my way
I won't lay no blame
I won't call you names
'Cause I've made my break
And I won't look back
I've turned my back
On those endless games

I'm all through with ties
I'm all tired of tears
I'm a happy man
Don't it look that way
Shakin' dust from my shoes
There's a road ahead
And there's no way back home (no way back home)
Oh but I have to say

Leavin' home ain't easy
Oh I never thought it would be easy
Leavin' on your own
Oh is the main thing calling me back
Leavin' home ain't easy
On the one you're leavin' home

Stay my love my love please stay
Stray my love what's wrong my love?
What's right my love?
Oh leavin' home ain't easy
I thought how could I think of leavin'
Leavin' on your own
Still tryin' to persuade me that
Leavin' home ain't necessarily the only way
Leavin' home ain't easy
But may be the only way

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Written by: BRIAN MAY

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I take a step outside,
And I breathe the air,
And I slam the door,
And I’m on my way
I won’t lay no blame,
I won’t call you names,
‘Cause I’ve made my break,
And I won’t look back
I’ve turned my back,
On those endless games

I’m all through with ties,
I’m all tired of tears,
I’m a happy man,
Don’t it look that way?
Shake the dust from my shoes,
There’s a road ahead,
And there’s no way back home
Oh, but I have to say,

Leaving home ain’t easy
Oh, I never thought it would be easy
Leaving on your own
Oh, there’s a million things calling me back
Leaving home ain’t easy
On the one you’re leaving home

Stay, my love,
My love, please stay,
Don’t stray, my love
What’s wrong, my love?
What’s right, my love?

Leaving home ain’t easy
My God, how could I think of leaving?
Leaving on your own
Still trying to persuade me that
Leaving home ain’t necessarily,
The only way
Leaving home ain’t easy, but,
May be the only way

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I remember playing this on my stereo (vinyl) when I was around 13, we lived in the country no internet, no cable, no cell so we appreciated and truly listened to music. Learned the chords, every word of the song, always loved this cut

Danny Derrington

Me too just found again December 2019 ,great comments thanks

White Queenie

My melancholic Brian is here...


one of there most underrated songs


Such a beautiful song! Brian's voice is amazing! Thank yoj for the video, good job!

Petr Frömel

fuckin love it, great, my childrenhood, my god, that´s amazing

Danny Derrington

Its superb , Just gone back in time FFS I am shaking wow


Brian, by recording with the tape running slowly.

Roley Martin

A very VERY Harrison esque song

Derek Emrie

Each member of this band had a very unique style, everyone knows Freddie's vocals, but Brian also had a wonderful voice and Roger had an incredible voice specifically for hard rock sounds. Well, everyone in Queen sang, or at least vocalized, seem to recall even John penned and sang lead on a few of their songs, probably the least vocal of the group, but have read the others picked him over other bassists because he never clamored for the spotlight.

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