Alexander Supertramp
Real Friends Lyrics

Growing up is giving up
I'll sleep sideways on the bed in my moms basement
It's where I feel at home
You'll sleep with regret and no heart left in your chest
I don't want to end up like you
Your eyes are set on what you'll never have
There's days I feel like a different person
But I always come back to who I really am

The American dream is dead, I'm still just a kid
Balancing on the sidewalks of this suburban town
Maybe this year I'll be able to stand up on my feet
Or maybe I'll fall again

I never want to grow out of this skin
That's been dragged through the dirt
That's what made me find happiness

My thumbs are broken but I'll take these broken thumbs
Over your grip on an empty life
Your empty life

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Comments from YouTube:

Seph .O

I absolutely love Into The Wild, so this song title sold me right away.


love the book and love the band. this album makes me happy.

Andrew Velis

Perfect song

Eric Shaw

such a good song

Harley Robles

Into the wild yay!

Aki Hitori

alexander supertramp: the rf song that half of the fans haven't even heard of, while the other half fucking worships.


I dislike comments like this, but it is true. I saw them play it live and a lot of people had no idea what this was, some even looked around confused and reaaally listened if maybe it was a cover or something lmao

Daniel McKnight

I know all their songs.

livia gomes

NO BONY KNESS??????????


the American dream is dead , i’m still just a kid balancing on the sidewalks of this suburban town , maybe this year i’ll be able to stand up on my feet , or maybe i’ll fall again

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