Ted's Reverie
Renaldo & the Loaf Lyrics

Lights out, Ted's asleep
Ooh! deep, deep, deep
Indulging in R. E. M.
Be part of our Ted's reverie.

Portsdown grass a hilly scene
Ooh! green, green, green
Impossibly, white wallabys
Abound in our Ted's reverie.
The buddies play in fiction lake
Ooh! fake, fake, fake
A wading policemen's bare-bone knees
Revealed in our Ted's reverie.

Periwigged drinkers at the "No-One's Inn"
Ah! Spot the wallaby skin
Adorning the Crows-nest towering over
The scenes in our Ted's reverie.

Erom gnihton dias uoY eslupmi eht no saw tI
Erus rof yas nac uoY
,lufrednow si tahT ?yretsym eht si erehW
Eniacoc eht ecneh oS
,sselerac si rehtorb ruoy :stcaf evitseggus eroM

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