Back Door Slam
Robert Cray Lyrics

I was born in the back seat
Of a travellin' hurricane
I came up in the back streets
The city with no name

I was raised on trouble
Rock when I should roll
I never could control it
And I can't be controlled
I am what I am
I am the back door slam

When I walk down the streets
The streetlights go out
When I drive through your town
The dogs start to howl

And I stand in the shadows
Sparks are in my hair
When I open up my mouth
My voice fills the air

I am what I am
I am the back door slam

People say
I'm charming
People say
I'm alarming

People can feel
The disturbance around me
I don't care
What they say they see

I'm the dust in your broom
100 proof ever clear
I'm the crack in your ceilin'
Thump you think you hear

I'm a 3 a.m. phone call
Tank of gasoline
I'm a siren stoppin'
At the end of your street

I am what I am
I am the back door slam

People say
People say
I'm dangerous

People can feel
That a deal was struck
Save my soul
And make my own luck

I was born in the city
A city with no shame
And when I play guitar
They all know my name

I am what I am
I am the back door slam

I am what I am
I am the back door slam

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Comments from YouTube:

Rita Boler

True rhythm and blues.

Austin Gonzales

"I never could control it and I can't be controlled." Spectacular. Robert Cray is incredible!

George Fuller

seen Robert in concert 3 times , mabey 4 ... he doesn't let up , just keeps getting better


Great blues song. Brother's got some soul...and the blues!


Got this at a CD party. This album will live with me Forever !!!!!!!!


Love it. For some reason the tremolo in the solo makes me think of an old time skating rink. The whole song though, is just so damn slinky!

RaVen DaWn

beyond music, the soul of a man who has his own rules, song lives as do I. so everyone's ok in my world, just enjoy from the safe seats and stay off the field, don't be a speed bump, I'm coming through

Deborah Smith

RaVen DaWn good advice
Well put


This is my alltime favorite Robert Cray song !!! WOW Smokin ...

Ryan Wilt

This is my gaming music. Love Robert Cray.

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