I'm a Steady Rollin' Man
Robert Johnson Lyrics

I'm a steady rollin' man, I roll both night and day
I'm a steady rollin' man, hmm, I roll both night and day
But I haven't got no sweet woman, hmm, boys, to be rollin' this-a way

I'm the man that rolls, when icicles hangin' on the tree
I'm the man that rolls, when icicles hangin' on the tree
And now you hear me howlin', baby, hmm, down on my bended knee

I'm a hard-workin' man, have been for many years, I know
I'm a hard-workin' man, have been for many long years, I know
And some cream puff's usin' my money, ooh well, babe, but that'll never be no more

You can't give your sweet woman everything she wants in one time
Ooh, you can't give your sweet woman, everything she wants in one time
Well, boys, she get ramblin' in her brain, hmm, some monkey man on her mind

I'm a steady rollin' man, I roll both night and day
I'm a steady rollin' man and I roll both night and day
Well I don't have no sweet woman, hmm, boys, to be rollin' this-a way

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


he didnt sell his soul , the idea of devil music was pushed by the white man to be preached by the black pastors , to the black women , so the black women would tell their black men stop playing that devil music .

white man knew it was hard to imitate what the black man could do with that guitar , so whats the best way to get rid of it ? use religion to strike fear , a tactic used since slavery, and use the devil reference to be pushed on anything the white man didnt want the black man to have

robert johnson music is about women sure , but dont get it twisted when he speaks of the devil or ''devil by my side'' its the agenda that johnson feels he has to be apart of due to the white mans trickery .

imo johnson felt the only way to feel better was to join the agenda , cant beat em join em .

like ''oh you think this the devil music , well then i got the devil by my side '' get it ? whether he did this knowingly or subconsciously would have to be answered by robert johnson himself

imo he truly felt that this was the devil music and eventually gave in to accepting this . but it wasn't the devil it was the opposite HIS SOUL , and thanks to the white man it led to johnson thinking he was the devil , leading to alcoholism , leading to his poisoning because he just had to have that liquor ...

and he didnt do voodoo who has time for that when you got guitar in your hands day n night lookin for the next woman to chase , gig to book , or corner to get his hustle on , thats bs pushed on blacks when successful ''must be voodoo''

he played in the graveyards to hide from the kkk or any white men hating on him , even his own brothers and sisters hated on him playing the guitar , thats how deep the white mans trickery spreads .

if the white man didnt make his life so hard by pushing this agenda of ''devils music'' robert johnson could have lived a longer legacy or maybe none at all , the point is y'all can believe this myth about selling his soul to the devil

i'll stick with my opinion of the white man trying to cancel the creativity of the black mans soul

the blues did not start behind the church's like some try to push , it started in the fields

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Paul West

This is the genesis of rock and roll. Without this stuff there would be no Elvis, and therefore no Beatles.

Braulio Cavalcanti

@Paul West his English is OK, his problem is somewhere else, but I wouldn't waste my time trying to find out why some people just can't seem to get it

Robert Johnson

It goes like this. Robert -> Muddy -> Eric clapton. Robert was the acoustic raw raunchy sound, in which people like Muddy and Sonny Boy 2 (who knew Robert) converted to more upbeat electric "50's school dance" blues, which inspired the young white bands at the time to make them sound even more harder, so basically rock and roll.

Billy Williamson

That’s not true. Your statement is purely speculative. You say these things because that is what happened. You speak with hindsight. Something would’ve always filled the void

Braulio Cavalcanti

@Brazilian Atlantis go take your meds!

Braulio Cavalcanti

@Brazilian Atlantis vc é ignorante demais e escreve asneira

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Once you get an ear for the origional version after hearing it so electrified by other artists you realize how much nicer it is in it's pure form

Joseph Stalin

I've never listened to the electric versions and dont intend to either


It sounds so simple at first listening..but it involves an extraordinary amount of overtones both in the playing and singing.I´m tryn to cover this song now... so help me Rob

Johny Grasa

Its amazing how smooth he sounds.

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