The Escape
Scott Walker Lyrics

The car in front follows the long way around
Prey moves
Predator moves
Foreshortened angels hunting me down
Halle -- halle -- halle
Sticks in gutters
Is personal
Too many bullets
Rabbi crater
Keyed for action
Hits the marks
I wish I was in Dixie
Sleet switches silence
To the shredding of larks
Combs of honey
Saliva's coating
Balls of money
You and me against the world
You and me against the world
You and me against the world
World about to end
World about to end
World about to end
Windblown hair in a windowless room
A lifeline of knuckles
Waddles into the afternoon
Look into its eyes
It will look into your eyes


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Comments from YouTube:


That duck almost made me crap my pants.

Big Froggums

For real! The ending of this song is one of the most pants-shitting-est moments in musical history lol



Wuh Orp

I sometimes drop into comments to explain this song. This song is about Mel Blanc, who experienced a car crash that put in him in a coma. He was not responding to doctors for some time after, until a doctor tried to talk to Bugs Bunny instead, and the dead eyed Mel Blanc responded, "What's up doc?"

As always with Scott Walker, this is the literal meaning of the song, and you must listen and feel to intuitively understand the purpose of that meaning. There's always more to a Scott Walker song deeper down.

Oh, and the whistling sound is supposed to be the Looney Tunes opening sound, but severely twisted. No sound in a Scott Walker song at any microsecond is an accident.

Daniel Plainview

You can also see it as Scott's "escape" from the Walker Brothers and the expectations of the name, Warner Brothers literally sounds like Walker Brothers, for example. He writes his songs often with double meanings, Jesse is a good example of this.


do you have any source about this? also, i hear that Plastic Palace People is about a suicide, but i can't get any reference to that


4:09 is the only laugh-out-loud moment in the Scott Walker oeuvre. OK, some of the lines in Zercon too.

Justin Galke

Meat sent me.

Marco Venieri


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