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You have a million different faces
But they'll never understand
Unless you let them in
You've been a million different places
So give yourself a chance to
Get lost in wonderland


Overall Meaning

, the essence of Shawn Mendes's song Intro is to encourage individuals to be their true selves and embrace their uniqueness. The opening verse speaks to the various masks people wear and how others may never genuinely comprehend their actual persona unless they allow them into their world. He encourages listeners to let others into their world and give them a chance to get to know them wholly.

The subsequent verse speaks to the various experiences people have had in life, and how they can use those experiences to get lost in wonderland. This line could mean taking a chance to explore new things, to let loose, and let go of any restrictions or fears that may hold one back. In essence, this song inspires listeners to live a full life and to experience different things without holding back or fearing judgment from others.

Line by Line Meaning

You have a million different faces
You have many different sides to yourself that others may not know about

But they'll never understand
Others will not truly comprehend your complexities unless you allow them to

Unless you let them in
If you open up and allow others to see your true self, they may be able to better understand you

You've been a million different places
You have had many experiences in different locations

So give yourself a chance to
Take the opportunity to

Get lost in wonderland
Allow yourself to be completely immersed in a magical and awe-inspiring experience

An expression of emotion or emphasis on the previous lines

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Written by: Adam King Feeney, Scott Harris, Shawn Mendes, Tobias Jesso Jr.

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You have.. a million different faces,
But they'll never understand,
Unless you let them in,

You've been.. a million different places,
So I guess I'll have a chance to,
Get lost in Wonderland



I'd call this song Wonderland.

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for all Shawn Mendes fans (or anyone who wants to read this, i hope this can help you and make you see life in a different way), I felt I should tell you that: i just wanna say that Shawn Mendes loves you so much 🥺 also wanna say that God, Mary and Jesus are with you, They take care of you and of Shawn Mendes, don't give up on your dreams, God takes care of your future, i promise. Sometimes things seem difficult, but you just need to talk to Them, have faith, read the Bible (i highly recommend) be patient because everything is in God's time. Shawn Mendes it's so proud of you ✨ God, Mary and Jesus saved me from cancer so they are also with you on this journey and they LOVE YOU SO MUCH ✨

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