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Perfect Gentlemen
Sisi Lyrics

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Slightly Stoopid (This one's goin' out to the strip joints Yo, meet me…
Wyclef Jean Just an average girl, She always wore a smile She was cheerf…

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Don't Fall In Love Imagine me and you, i do I think about you day…

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j a

Hi Antonio I’m a lady who loves real men real style! Here are the reasons I enjoy watching.

1. Men’s fragrance- I’m a bold, confident and forward thinking women. I love wearing men’s fragrance! I’ll spray that stuff on an oversized men’s XL hoodie and sleep in it. It’s like having a boyfriend without the crap that goes along with it!

2. Albeit your channel is male focused- I find the things you share about your time in the service like, honor, confidence, courage, integrity, consistency, dignity, respect, focus so on. I find it empowering. It speaks to me in a real and tangible way as a female that’s more than empty #yougogirl kind of sentiments, popular in our current movement.

3. Attention to detail- I love how you break down history, facts and a focus craftsmanship.

4. What I can’t believe I relate to- There are things you teach men on your show that I can’t believe you have to, such as what not to say, don’t sag your pants and my god wear an undershirt.... In addition, I can’t believe all the crappy things I have experienced being with men..

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Real Men Real Style

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John Randle

Being controversial I don't want to smell like or attract a woofter something subtle will do no lynx for me ?


yeah im not spending 250 on a 3.4 oz bottle of herod and just to spray it on 20 times


Antonio I really hate that new youtubers trend with sponsored products inside the video! Please tell us about the products at the beginning or in the end!


She said pronounced


This video really cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣 love your reaction 👌💥

❤x Michella



M Ford

Thanks to you I overspray My wife oversprays my son oversprays we kill our poor daughter's nose

Dave Sheffield

" why do women watch her " watch more of her videos and I'm sure you will get why 😉

M Ford

I would like to see u over spray interlude Man black iris it is a beautiful lovely smelling fragrance

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