A Pub with No Beer
Slim Dusty Lyrics

It's lonesome away, from your kindred and all
By the campfire at night, where the wild dingoes call
But there's nothing so lonesome, so morbid or drear
Than to stand in a bar, of a pub with no beer
Now the publicans anxious, for the quota to come
There's a faraway look, on the face of the bum
The maids gone all cranky , and the cooks acting queer
What a terrible place, is a pub with no beer
Then the stockman rides up, with his dry dusty throat
He breasts up to the bar, pulls a wad from his coat
But the smile on has face, quickly turns to a sneer
When the barman said sadly, the pubs got no beer
There's a dog on the v'randah, for his master he waits
But the boss is inside, drinking wine with his mates
He hurries for cover, and cringes with fear
Its no place for a dog, round a pub with no beer
Old Billy the blacksmith, first time in his life
Has gone home cold sober, to his darling wife
He walks in the kitchen, she says your early my dear
But he breaks down and tells her, the pubs got no beer

Written by: Gordon Noel Parsons

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Mangos and Pineapples

When Slim Dusty toured the Highlands of Papua New Guinea back in the early 90s...maaan it was like the second coming of Christ. Crowds walked days across valleys mountains,rivers etc to watch this Aussie Legend perform.I was just a young teenager among the massive crowd dancing and singing along to Slim Dusty.
Rest in Peace,Sir.
Love from a fan in PNG.

the cooked chef

Thats such a cool story, thanks for sharing

Coldlake Alta

G'day! Canada here: as a kid I grew up on Canadian Military bases (we were called base brats) and there were continuous exchanges with soldiers and airmen from other Commonwealth countries. By far the favourites were the Aussies - military bases are dreary places, but they lit up when the Aussies were here. We learned all about Mateship. Slim Dusty and Gordon Ramsay. They were the most open and hospitable guys I have seen. How can you not love a country which pauses in the middle of Slim's funeral to sing Pub With No Beer? All the best to you, mates.

Peter Beattie

Bloody oath mate. Good on ya

Patrick Forester

Thank you so much.
I feel the same way about you.
Cheers mate πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Patrick Forester

@Ricke Dovey My dad's dad did the same thing.
I hope that you had a good birthday celebration and suitably slaked your thirst.

Ricke Dovey

@Patrick Forester BTW it was my 33rd birthday... coincidence or do I need to have a shot for every single one of you fellas (when I have the money) 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

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Silver Tiger

God bless Australia!!! ❀️

Niels Larsen

Amen 2 that!

Harry Mayland

Hello Silver πŸ’• hope you doing okay?

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