Life And Limb
Spitfire Lyrics

She gives me stilts to walk tall as jesus
And feathers to fly high as the sky
She takes me to where the sky scrapes my ego
Where i float like driftwood in her oceanic eyes
Well i'm life and limb for you baby
Here in the lion's den for you baby
If the saddle breaks my spine
I'm paraplegic for you baby
Here in a wheelchair
For you

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Comments from YouTube:


Nothing beats that Jon Spencer vocal, hell ya

Jody Nuckols

Many have tried to emulate it.. no one comes close


Spitfire a.k.a Underrated The Band

Andrew Evrist

Norma jean didn't send me here. This band and scarlet are way better than norma jean was is and ever will be. I liked bless the martyr though when it came out and i was 13. Still love this

_ Ar8

I just wish someone would explain these lyrics 🤷🏻‍♂️


Norma Jean sent me here too, kick ass tune! 


Norma Jean told me to listen to you. I am not disappoint.

Kaleb Button

G.o.a.t. also scarlet sucked after they lost homeboy as a vocalist.

Abiezer Rivas

0/10 not my style

C. Dix

That’s because you suck and have no taste.

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