Running Down
Spitfire Lyrics

The kid holding hands with an adult man
And everything is nice around
Then something happens like a balloon explosion
And they're together falling down
He's standing in the crowd crying and looking around
He doesn't know how to get back
To anyone holds out his hands
No matter - enemies or friends

A man is catching his breath
And waving his hands
(Then suddenly he is losing ground)
Opens his eyes
And wants to see something
(It's still dark there's no way out)
Possibly someone
Will come to him
(Who can explain what it's all about)

Flying up to heaven
Rolling down to hell
You'll never find the reason
Why the world is running down this way

(Verse 1)


Empty holes inside your head
Someday may be filled
By some clever man
He'll decide your fate
And explain everything
And then you'll find
The reason why the world is running down this way

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