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Steppenwolf Lyrics

When rain drops fal and you feel low
Ah, do you ever think it's useless
Do you ever feel like letting go
Do you ever sit and do you wonder
Will the world ever change
And just how long will it take
To have it all rearranged

Tell me why these things are still the same
Tell me why no one can seem to learn from mistakes

Take my hand if you don't know where you're goin'
I'll understand, I've lost the way myself
Oh, don't take that old road it leads to nowhere
We must leave before the clock strikes twelve

It's so easy to do nothin'
When you're busy night and day
Take a step in one direction
And take a step the other way
So don't stop tryin' when you stumble
Don't give up should you fall
Keep on searchin' for the passway
That will lead you through the wall
Don't look back or you'll be left behind
Don't look back or you will never find peace of mind

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: JOHN KAY

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Comments from YouTube:


"You taught us kids to turn the other cheek, not fight back. Problem is that don't work. Not in the real world."

dat boi

Sad but true. Turning the other cheek got me bullied. Once I stood up for myself the kids quit harassing me. After months of asking the school to help I had it and punched this kid in the face for bullying me. Me and him were best friends after that. Sometimes you need a good ass kicking to get the point across lol

Tiber Septim

@Karl Fisher it's a quote from a video game. The protagonist says that line while this song is playing.

Karl Fisher

I don't know who taught you that. I learned to treat others as you would like to be treated and be kind to your neighbors.

defend yourself from violence

there are brutal bullies in the world and many of them wear suits!



@星系 Mafia 3 reference or not, this is still perfectly valid in our world.


Mafia 3 reference

Kid Rocker

What is with all the people criticising because someone said they heard a song on a game?

Yeah, sure, I heard this song on the radio long before Mafia 3 was ever a thing. Does that make me somehow better than someone else because they didn't? Just be grateful that the people who heard this on Mafia 3 are being exposed to damn good music and stop acting like a bunch of superior assholes because you heard something before someone else.

Ethan Loiselle

Fr bro I love classic rock and never heard of this before and when I played mafia 3 I fell in love with in speak the truth man

68’ Rumble Bee

Like When Kids Heard The Rolling Stones “Paint It Black” On COD: Black Ops III.
Even, Though I Knew, Heard And Loved Both Paint It Black And Desperation Before They Were Featured On Games.
I Didn’t Evenn Know Desperation Was In Mafia 3.

Just Speakith

Honestly im so grateful iv heard this song somewhere, it connected me in ways that I can't explain, some people my age just need to learn to enjoy the stuff that we listened to back then

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