With A Child's Heart
Stevie Wonder Lyrics

Ohh-oh, yeah

With a child's heart
Go face the worries of the day
With a child's heart
Turn each problem into play
No need to worry
No need to fear
Just being alive
Makes it all so very clear

That with a child's heart
Nothing can ever get you down
With a child's heart
You've got no reason to frown

Love is as welcome
As a sunny, sunny day
No grown-up thoughts
To lead our hearts astray

Take life easy, easy, so easy
Like a child so gay and so carefree
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Love is as welcome
As a sunny, sunny day
The whole world smiles with you
As you go your merry way

'Cause with a child's heart
Nothing can ever get you down
With a child's heart
You got no reason to frown

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Henry Cosby, Sylvia Moy, Victoria Basemore-Mccue

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Comments from YouTube:


I like this version than Michael Jackson's version, The original is always the best!!!

Adg 87

@I•like•rats• yes two different styles, but I also prefer Stevie's.

I•like•rats• yes

Get some help, no it wasn't better than michael jacksons because their both equal but i think mj had more soul into this and his childhood

Terry Sanders

Michael's was the voice of innocence, heartfelt and tears. Stevie did it beautifully as Stevie does.

cherie jones

Michael Jackson's version shows more pain and makes ur reflect about being a kid and your childhood but stevie's version it more upbeat and makes u more happy....both versions are beautiful in their own way...:D I personally lyk MJ's better bt i love Stevie's too Stevie is mindblowing :D


Jones, how are you doing thesedays?
someone who loves this song, i automatically like that somebody, so i hope you happy


If only this was possible...the world would be a wonderful place to live in...what ever happen to mankind.....everyone is in such a hurry, forgetting to smile or say hello, or thank you, and please...... I miss the good old days..when people acted like humans.

Gerald Zachary

The Motown sound and summers of the 60's. Best music.


i love michael jackson and stevie wonder's versions. i dont think they should ever be compared. they have totally different styles to them Michael's is more deep and stevie's is more happy. they are both amazing in their own ways!

Lady Purvis

Thank you.

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