Stray From the Path Lyrics

Dedicate my life to my fucking work.
Tonight is my night.
Tonight I got myself a knife.
And I'm fine.
Paycheck to paycheck,
And I'm fine.
I said baby let's do it all over again.
I said baby let's do it all over again.

Tonight is my night.
Tonight is your night.
Tonight is the night where the wolves come out and dance.
Right now I feel so God damn rock n' roll.

I'm getting closer.
I'm getting closer.
I'm getting closer.
I'm getting closer.

Contributed by David Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


This album is so underrated


I listen to this band, other metal, classic rock(led zepplin, queen, rolling stones) never dyed my hair, not obsessed with pokemon, i watch invader zim because it's hilarious, i dont cut, and i dont wear only black. now you know someone that isnt emo :)

Noah Brierley

he didn't say he used a computer to write them he said Sumerian had to search on lyricmode to find the lyrics to this song so they could put them in the discription


i just found this album... i have known them since last year. i fail


I call it emo because I don't know a single person who listens to this band that DOESN'T listen to only screamo, have their hair dyed black, get all their clothes from Hot Topic, is obsessed with Pokemon and Invader Zim, has cuts all over their arms, wears a lot of black. That usually what people refer to as "emo". That's what I call it too.

Andy Pandy858

The comment was a continuation of my longer "Your amount of ignorance is frustrating..." comment. Can you tell me why you think this band is emo? all?


So this is what their early works sound like?


check out people over profits thats old stray!!!


because its easier.. who says the andrew used a computer to write the lyrics? last time I checked he'd rather die than live in a digital world.

devin white

drews first album with stray

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