Brave New World
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The lines are drawn in the sand across the caress of time
The lines are drawn in the sand across the caress of time

There's a face in the glass
Looking through the mirror
At the maze of my past
It was never clearer

On the distant horizon
The sun approaches
Better cover my eyes
Better hide the roaches

In the best of my time
There was something better
And the quest of my mind
Was to try and get her

Something simple and pure
As the thoughts in my head
Not the tears in the rain
Over me she shed

We were almost there
Still I was unaware

Here in the Brave New World's embrace
I watch the parade begin
Searching for one familiar face
And I wonder where I fit in
How will I know if there's a place
For me in the Brave New World

To be calm in the eye
Of the human storm
In house full of dreams
I am safe and warm

Looking back at a life
Filled with warm embraces
No regrets only memories
Of smiling faces

We were almost there
Now change is in the air

Until now I held the zone
I ruled the world
I called it home
I never saw the down side

See the now see the Zen
There is no division
Through the eyes of a child
There is perfect vision

And the best of our lives
Resonate the hills
And the sun's gonna shine
And you know that I will

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Steve Davis

Was this remixed, need to listen to my CD
Was Dennis DeYoung “filtered” out?
Also not sure why they’d release a video for a song DDY was involved in, are they done throwing him under the bus, doubt it 😱
Did Dennis have to give permission for the video to be released?
If so why would he, after all, Tommy and JY have done nothing but bash him for 20 years
So many questions with the release of this video, most of them not good ones, why this song? Why a song you can hear the Dennis backing vocals?
They were really pure magic together, what happened?
Money? Greed? Ego?
Like I said....... so many questions
Actually took the enjoyment out of listening to this great song, all I could think about was... WHY are you putting this video out now?
What’s the motivation?

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Süleyman Gölbol

Why this song has so low views? This song is perfect and a masterpiece.

Süleyman Gölbol

@Kimberly Tolley Wow great performance.

Kimberly Tolley

Have you heard the live version of it on the Styx & REO Speedwagon CD Arch Allies Live At Riverport from 2000? This was the first version I ever heard of it and it still gives me happy goose bumps to this day!

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Very cool video! Prophetic as well for these times. Much like Grand Illusion, Pieces of Eight, Paradise and Kilroy very pertinent social commentary. Styx, as well as Rush have philosophical and socially pertinent lyrics ("thinking band" lyrics) that cause their listeners to dig deeper past the riffs, melodies and catchy tunes and actually gain knowledge about the world around them and themselves! Thank you STYX and thank you RUSH!

Sandra Rogers

I agree

James Goldman

sandy ferati I grew up on Styx. I swear I almost played them exclusively when I was young started with Equinox. I literally wore side 2 of that album out. Then The Grand Illusion/ Pieces of Eight I couldn’t get enough of them. Saw them live every chance I got. Grew up in a big northern city so it was often. Saw them with Dennis 12 or 13 times. Funny story went to college in TX & La. Became a HS baseball coach in TX. In 2001 I was coaching in S. TX we were deep in the playoffs it was Memorial Day ( no school) two of my top players came way late to practice. I kept them way late after punishing them. They knew the type of music I liked cause they could probably hear it daily from my office. The next day Tues they had burned me CDs of Images & Words, Awake & the single A Change of Seasons from Dream Theater. They also burned me Stainds Break The Cycle CD. I had never heard of any of them. 10+ years later on Christmas one of them sends me the CD Sound of Madness by Shinedown for Christmas. Dream Theater, Styx & Staind are by far my favorite 3 bands and I really like Shinedown too. I’ve seen Dream Theater close to 10 times. Only once with Portnoy on the skins ( Octavarium) that was my favorite concert ever. Their last concert Distance Over Time where they played Metropolis ll Scenes from a Memory was also incredible. Saw that show twice. Once in Dallas once in San Antonio.

sandy ferati

@James Goldman mine too! I loved Styx - my fave when I was a teen. I didn't discover DT until 4 years ago!! And I didn't see Styx live until last year. Now that my kids were older, I have been (totally been now:( ) going to lots of concerts. Saw DT 7x in 4 years! The Styx concert was So good! Better live even than the studio!

James Goldman

sandy ferati Dream Theater is my all time favorite band. Styx #2 and Rush is in my top 25. I can listen to Dream Theater & Styx all day everyday

sandy ferati

Have you also checked out Dream Theater? They too have great thinking lyrics.


This album and Cyclorama are so criminally underrated! I love them both so much, and Im glad you guys still give attention to those 2 albums. The video is awesome

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