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by Sufjan Stevens

I'm not afraid of the black man running
He's got it right, he's got a better life coming
I don't care what the captain said
I fold it right at the top of my head
I lost my sight and the state packs in
I follow my heart and it leads me right to Jackson

Oh, Keller, oh, oh, oh
She gave us a medal, she gave us a map
Oh, Canner Row, oh, oh, oh
If seeing is right, then look where you're at

I'm not afraid of Nichol's Park
I ride the train and I ride it after dark
I'm not afraid to get it right
I turn around and I give it one more try
I said things that I meant to say
The bandstand chairs and the Dewey Day parade
I go out to the golden age
The spirit is right and the spirit doesn't change

Oh, Keller, oh, oh, oh
She gave us mirror, she gave us a map
Oh, Canner Row, oh, oh, oh
If seeing is right then look where you're at

Andrew Jackson, all I'm asking
Show us the wheel and give us the wine
Woohoo! woohoo!
Raise the banner, jackson hammer
Everyone goes to the capitol line
Woohoo! woohoo!
Colored preacher, nice to meet you!
The spirit is here and the spirit is fine!
Woohoo! woohoo!
Education, ask the nation
You gave us our sight and the hearing is fine
Woohoo! woohoo!
Andrew Jackson, all I'm asking
Give us the wheel and give us the wine

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Bryce Larson

I once drove to out of my way to see Jacksonville, IL. Not only that, but I am such a poser I was listening to the song while driving through town.

Ashley S



nothing wrong with that, man. nothing wrong with that at all.

Where's Fernando?

thats OK! I went to the palisades up in Savana, not realizing originally that this was the place he wrote about, but once I saw where I was, I popped on The Predatory Wasps of The Palisades....not gonna lie, what a spiritual experience that was (:

savanna taylor

If I could only I could listen to this song like it was the first time again.

Nicole Mena

savanna taylor I did today and it healed my heart

Daniel Fonck

savanna taylor I'm doing that right now!!


I think this is the best song on the album. Not to say there's not anything next to perfect on here.

Save Dog as Virtual Chicken

fsh da best
fsh da roll

Kev M

Nice profile picture

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