Surfer Blood, Miranda: We need your help!

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by Surfer Blood

Help me out Miranda,
You left me hanging again.
We just let each other down
To let each other back in.

How can you say to me
That it's not meant to be?
How can you say to me
It's not meant to be?

I could never leave you
So I followed you into
Cities where our harmony
Was splintered into two.

How can you tell me?
You tell me it's not true.
How can you say to me
It's not meant to be?

If anyone's to blame
Then let me know their name.
No room left to believe,
For love to intercede.
No room for make believe.
Ah oh, oh oh.


If I could just hold your hand
You'd understand completely.
Feel I've lost my best friend.
Don't know where to begin.

What should I say to you
To make you think it through?
How can you say to me
It's not meant to be?

So please just let me be,
Or make it known to me.
Miranda I can't tell
Which demons to expel.
Gardenias everywhere you stare.
Whoa - oh.

Oh oh oh.

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