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Nazis Muertos
by Swallowing Shit

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A Dying Hope for a Gender Exclusive Scene I no longer wish to hurt, i'm putting my weapons…
Burn Winnipeg to the Fucking Ground Taught to fear, told to blame, open your eyes, we're…
Christian Metal = Nazi Reggae Fuckin' sack of shit, you don't fucking get it. you…
I Heard Songs About Animal Rights Aren't Cool Anymore All living creatures deserve to live their lives without bei…
If Assholes Could Fly This Place Would Be An Airport we greeted you with smiles, you greeted us with lies. we…
If Assholes Could Fly, This Place Would Be An Airport we greeted you with smiles, you greeted us with lies. we…
If They Hated Me They Will Hate You Annihilation of a culture. Murder and theft of land. A con…
Lyrics That May Offend the Honkys Bloodthirsty thugs trained to serve the rich protected by gu…
Overcome By... From high on the godly throne of your conservative morality,…
Pro-Abortion, Anti-Christ reproductive freedom: a womyn's right a) to live free from t…
Riel Tears engulfed him even as the sun, stepping free of…
Ruins Rotting hatred in the face of progress. your remains ember…
Scathe I wish for your misery to strangle you to death.…

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Comments from YouTube:

I dont know what to name myself

in Russia dog eats human

Larry Hamilton

@J Mac Chickens are the cat fish of the land animals. They will actually eat dog shit or follow behind other chickens and wait for the chicken in front of them to poop so they can eat it. They will eat gravel corn anything you put in front of them they are nasty creatures. In all honesty I'm confident in calling them the nastiest animals alive. And not only Chinese but phillipino people's eat dogs and cats as well. So maybe when it comes to land creatures Chinese and phillipino people may be the nastiest creatures to walk on earth surface.

J Mac

Stop putting dogs down in USA and export them to China. It's a resource. You kill chickens and they have pretty colors and eat bugs and lay eggs. Chickens are cute, chicks are cuddly, carnivores are the preaking froblem. Export our abandoned dogs to China. So sad they didn't get adopted. If you kill the dogs just to burn them up in an incinerator, is that an intelligent move? Inhumane? Eat peanut butter sandwiches and that's humane. Be thankful the Chinese eat the dogs because that lowers the price for bacon. If the Chinese all ate more pork, then WHAT? Pork prices would be sky high. Chinese eating rats is the best because that lowers the price for hamburgers in USA. We need a reverse propaganda campaign. Eating beef and chicken and pork is bad............but, in CHINA......eating stray cats and dogs and rats and locusts, top notch food chain game. Why are they eating small dogs, not much meat on them. We have giants dogs in America that no one wants. But they can't understand mandarin. I can't see a reason to eat any animals but we are a sick race. Children must be told to eat their meat. Can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat. If you put enough Tabasco hot sauce on the dog, it's going to taste a bit like spicy chicken. So what's my point, you tell me you retarded hypocrites who eat meat everyday and say it's bad and wrong for them to eat dogs. My rooster is way more cool than a parrot so stop eating chicken around me.

Beerus the God of Destruction

Russia has the Caucasian Ovcharka and they can eat humans. They can also eat Pit-Bulls.

Jana Matschke x


Larry Hamilton

That I can handle. Everything in Russia is tough.

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Peace Lover

Alien: Let's visit the earth
Chinese: how would they taste

Park Chim Chim

@XWB Strend That is wrong and racist. Not all Chinese eat bats, you should be grateful some Chinese is a doctors and nurses and they help other people with Covid-19.


@XWB Strend wtf u fucking racist

XWB Strend

Chinese eat anything crawl under the sun.

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