Teen Riot Structure
T. Rex Lyrics

Teen riot structure, ankle deep in fear
Babies lost in bellies and the oracle can't hear
A demon angel demi-god blasted through the night
Me and Lucy Lightning holding on real tight

An ancient Lord in wonder rung upon my bell
I fed him with my nightmares And he ate my dreams as well
All London was in blazes burning to the sound
Of deep galactic tragedies in stereophonic sound
A tempest teen of stature in Gatsby hat and cloak
Licked upon my lollipop, but I didn't get the joke
As devastation mounted my wardrobes almost burned
The teens held hands on shifting sands and wonder what they learnt

Repeat in toto

Teen riot structure

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Comments from YouTube:

Katie Ryan

I fed him with my nightmares, and he ate my dreams as well.

Kazu Tsukuda

I like Mark Bolan.
He is my star of youth age.

Steve Westdium

Great track. This album was a return to form.


DANDY IN THE UNDERWORLD Great album check out `Pain And Love` and `Jason B Sad` Bolan was brilliant.


as well as the title track, Crimson Moon and Visions of Domino. Love this album!

Marc Bora

I am crying listening to this song after 40 plus years of his death by traffic accident early in the morning in Barn.

Raymond Bundulis

top track from a poor trex aldum

dressed to kill

This album rocks

Robert Hannan

One of the better albums !!