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The Lurch
Ted Cassidy Lyrics

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:
Ted Cassidy was, as has been noted in the comments, a High School athlete who played both basketball and football, fitting for someone who had reached 6 feet at the young age of 11. But, he was also HIGHLY intelligent and academically gifted, attending Third grade at age 6.

He later attended Stetson University, playing basketball for the Hatters and was notably active in student government. He graduated with degrees in Speech and Drama(and during his university years played what is likely to ever have been a 6-foot 9 Falstaff in history).

Other than Lurch, he was a steady actor on television series of the time, appearing in such varied shows as The Man From UNCLE, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Six Million Dollar Man. With his deep voice, he was also a frequent voice-over actor, and is the introduction voice on the old Incredible Hulk show. "Doctor David Banner. Physician. Scientist."

Unfortunately, the movie roles were far fewer and far between, but he did star as Harvey Logan in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Paul Newman and Robert Redford and as Hachita in Mackennas Gold along Omar Sharif and Telly Savalas.

Ted Cassidy died in January 1979 due to complications from open-heart surgery, following the removal of a non-malignant tumor from the heart. He was 46 years old.

Comments from YouTube:

Dark Invader

I loved him so much what a sweet guy. I ran into him when I was 11 years old at a restaurant during a Star Trek Convention. I asked for an autograph while waiting for a seat at the lunch counter and he invited me to have lunch with him. He even picked up the check. Just the nicest, biggest man I'd ever met.

Phil Jon

Nice. I met Fred Gwynne (Munsters TV Show) in Washington, DC going into an office building in the 1980s. He was very nice to me with a pleasant greeting. 🙂

Tom Evans

A Star Trek convention? Was he there as Ruk?

Tom Evans

@wv171 that's hard for somebody who's six foot nine

Steven McFly

@Nora Rae wow


that's so lovely aww

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This song is still better then 50% of the crap that’s being played in 2019!


closer to 95 percent


Pretty nimble for a 6 ft 9 dude

Tom Evans

He used to be a basketball player.

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