Kiss My Ass
Ted Nugent Lyrics

Telegram for Mr Billary...

c'mon baby,
Yeah, big ol' wet one...hey!
Kiss my ass,

Kiss my ass, (tastes real good)
Kiss my ass, (c'mon, everybody ought'a)
Kiss my ass. (oh...)
Don't waste your time on me
I got my own direction
I'm lookin' for perfection
Watch me close, wait and see
And I'll leave you far behind
I make up my own mind
You can kiss my ass
When the goin' gets tough

I let my dog hump on my shin
I believe in animal rights
I can tolerate sexual choice
I've heard it all before
But not with the next of kin (uh-uh, boy)
I ain't gonna take any more
When the goin' gets tough
You can kiss my ass

Kiss my ass, (pucker up)
Kiss my ass
Kiss my ass

Kiss my ass, (c'mon babe)
When the goin' gets tough
I've heard it all before

And I ain't gonna take no more, no no
Kiss my ass!
I see the weenies with the dirty hair
Protestin' on the street
They condemn the clothes we wear
And the morality of what we eat, yeah
It's gotta be a fluke
When the goin' gets tough
They make me wanna puke

They can kiss my ass
Everybody gotta
Kiss my ass - c'mon gang bangers
Kiss my ass - Janet Reno
Kiss my ass - c'mon Billary
Kiss my ass - Callin' on Jesse Jackson
Kiss my ass - How about the IRS
Kiss my ass - Hey, Howard Stern
Kiss my ass - United Nations
Kiss my ass - c'mon Sarah Brady
Kiss my ass - All those Liberals
Kiss my ass - Beavis, Butthead
Kiss my ass - Oh, Courtney Love I've got your hole
I've heard it all before
Kiss my ass - How about Crips and Bloods

And we ain't gonna take it no more
When the goin' gets rough
When the goin' gets rough
When the goin's to tough
They oughta' kiss my ass


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Comments from YouTube:

James Banks

Love Uncle Ted! We have the same attitude towards the left and the anti antis. Also those that piss me off.

The Loedown!!!

Love it Uncle TED!!!

Joseph James

0:15 that guitar fill alone gave me douche chills for days. i'll see if i can make it past the first chorus this time.

sabbath maidenfan

Uncle teddy I love you!

Chris Story

the cancel culture should learn a thing or too from the motor city madman. he doesn't take crap from nobody.

Bloodshine 151


Curtis Yastic


Arts Nick

plays this song as I'm leaving work

Jim Balczon

gotta love ted nugent and the nra

Curtis Yastic

Not so much the nra anymore

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