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Lift Me
by The Bengsons

Lift me, please, please, lift me
Lift me, lift me, please
The house that she built in her chest has collapsed, it's collapsed
They try to explain, but they can't hear the rest it's collapsed it's collapsed
She looks down at the ground all the way
Lift me, lift me, please
I look at these hands but they couldn't be mine
He's looking at my face, the thing in his place
So you said okay you understand, but the fog falls away and you'll never land, you'll never land
You're suspended
You're suspended
In space
You're suspended in space
There's no air up there
No no no
There's no air up there
That's good, that's, good
You don't have to breathe
Please please please please please lift me
I'm pulled apart...
Please please please

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