The Darkness
The Cat Empire Lyrics

Something kissed my lips
Something brushed my fingertips
The north binds battle
In the car park
And the darkness
Is the darkness

The night is on the run
With a bottle of ouzo
And a rusty gun
The north wind
Is like a Spanish Guitar
Soaked in petrol
Burning on the bar

Let the dead raise their heads
And the dying leave their beds

She didn’t believe what her mama said
And she clambered out the window in the darkness

And behind you in the night
A million dogs come out to fight …

It’s the empire that be rising rising
Rising through the night …

Something give me strength
I’m burning
Burning on the brink
The north wind
Is like cinnamon and wine
And the darkness
Is the darkness

Contributed by Katherine H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Play this at my funeral and have a puppeteer make my corpse dance down the aisle to the pyre.


This is so underrated. Among my top 5 songs of Cat Empire, and I've listened to them since 2004.

Jong Ghiem


Villas Byrne

Yeah it is really overlooked!

Toronto Maple Leafer

I remember hearing them perform this song in Toronto. While not one of my favourite songs, it was still totally incredible live. The way Harry completely changed the song and the way he scatted made it something to remember.

Julian Wolf

Dammit! I must have listened to this song AT LEAST 20 times in the last 2 days! Just makes me wanna play drums and dance pretty randomly!

Mohamad Fakhreddine

I don't know why this brings Aladdin to my mind.

Victoria Coxhill

Do you want musician or layperson speak? XD Essentially the music is based on a scale using intervals (spaces between the notes) that we associate with Eastern music.

Da Ad


Octavian ²

Eargasmic acid trip for the ears. Love it.

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