Every Night
The Chantels Lyrics

Every night I go to bed
Fall on my knees and I pray
For my love.
Although he doesn't love me
He can stay just for me,
I pray.
He used to love me with all his heart n'soul.
I always stayed with him just like he was a toy.
And so I know it just didn't pay
To kiss, my love, and break, his heart, and try to run away.
Why, oh why, does he hurt me so?
I hold on, never thought he'd ever go.
Every night.
Every night, ouuu huu ouuuuu
Every night, ouuu huu ouuuuu

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Written by: Paul McCartney

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Salomea Reminiec

Every night, I go to bed

Fall on my knees and

I pray for my love

Although he doesn't love me

He can stay just for me

I pray

He used to love me with

All his heart and soul

I always played with him

Just like he was a toy

And now I know

It just didn't pay

To kiss my love

And break his heart

And try to run away

Why, oh, why

Does he hurt me so

I, oh, I never

Thought he'd ever go

Every night

Every night, oooh...

Every night, oooh...

I've made a slight correction in the lyrics, GNRSlash Lover

All comments from YouTube:

Darryl Evans

The great Arlene Smith lead singer of the Chantels was only 15 years with a unbelievable voice mercy what a voice

Salomea Reminiec

Arlene smith was 13 1/2 when the Chantels recorded Maybe
( Girl groups: the story of a sound)

Lois Weiss

the Chantels can't mess up anything. every song is soulful.

Estelle Schneider

@Salomea Reminiec She was classically trained and sang at. Carnegie Hall
What a voice !!

Salomea Reminiec

lois, the Chantels were ex church choir singers

Luis Rodriguez


Shaun Kelly

Early rock and roll girl groups have always gotten short-changed, none more so than the Chantels, whose vocal prowess was so pronounced that when their microphones didn’t work one night in a concert in Chicago, they sang wireless and still blew the audience away. I was incredibly fortunate to see them in person years later at a Richard Nader Rock and Roll Revival at the old Boston Garden. In the early days of the Beatles, this number was eventually performed by the Fab Four in a plethora of different venues around Liverpool and the environs with John singing the lead and Paul and George as the doo-wop backups. Such expressive ballads remind me of Maya Angelou’s famous quote: “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.”

Still Standing

Arlene Smith has a flawless voice and delivery. The best ever!

William Davis

This song was beautifully sung, coupled with raw emotion.

Mike Catalano

What a great voice. ...backing vocals outstanding.

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