Eddie My Love
The Chordettes Lyrics

Eddie my love, I love you so
How I've waited for you you'll never know
Please Eddie, don't make me wait to long.

Eddie please write me one line
Tell me your love is still only mine
Please Eddie don't make me wait too long

You left me last September to return to me before long
But all I do is cry myself to sleep, Eddie since you've been gone

Eddie my love I'm sick in bed
The very next day might be my last
Please Eddie don't make me wait too long

Please Eddie don't make me wait too long.

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


So here's something I heard somewhere:

The whole point of IT: Chapter 2 was the losers facing their worst fears. Richie's worst fear was losing Eddie, so Eddie had to die.

This makes me want to commit STAN

Okay, that was terrible.

I'm so sorry.

BUT, Eddie didn't die! Richie got him to the hospital, he divorced Myra, he married Richie, this song played at their wedding, and they live together with a Pomeranian.

You can't convince me otherwise.

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Pumpkin pie

Me before watching IT : Oh nice song

Me after IT : you want to make me cry right?


Same ;"(

Yaiza 2006

I think same :'v

Theduckside _

I’m so sAd :,(

Theduckside _

I got a surge of anxiety


Aga.S exactly 😂😢


reddie stans rise up

Victoria Acevedo

Me rises

Sara Abdullah


Lyric ROSE

Rises up fastly and naruto runs to stans bath tub before he dies

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