Point That Thing
The Clean Lyrics

Baby when you say you want me
I'll faint and know it's not true
I know when you hold me
You won't see it through
Don't point me out of the crowd
Don't point that thing at me

Going uptown as fast as I can go
Going down and don't feel low
Going out, all around
Up and down to the speed freak sound

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DaggylMc Gra

Witnessed the talent of these three at Waikato Varsity/Uni, O Week back in the 80s. Standing/ grooving, right beside them, No elevated stage. I swear, two guitars and a snare drum plus mics and speakers obviously, but they sounded this bloody awesome! Could just wring the noise out of an instrument, made it look so simple and basic to come up with a great stomping tune and beat like this with so little. What I consider gifted artists. Have always particularly loved "Point That Thing" since that night. These blokes are Legends!


TOO RIGHT M8,They Certainaly Had A (Stooges like Passion.re;Enemy.T.Love.
glad you Saw them @that Time..very Cool.🔊👂👍🔊🔊👀☺

jim jim

Mate, totally agree.
I never saw them back in the 80s, due mostly to being a small child, but have had the pleasure on numerous occasions in the subsequent decades.
Absolute legends, the lot of them.

sueli de magalhaes lima

a maior band de rock alternative de todos os tempos

corie mulvey

This song kills me. It is so good it almost makes me mad. I'm jealous of this song. Here I sit approaching mid thirties... thinking... why the fuck didn't I start a band and replicate this sound and turn it into a bevy of songs. I hate myself

The Walking Dunning-Kruger Effect

Hey, it's not just you that hates you, friend. That's something, isn't it?!?


@Duckyyy AJ he's too old now. nobody like him


@dy120481very true.


No offense, but if you were capable of creating something that was even 1/10th as good as this you would've.

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Martina BadReligionTina Brito

I met the lead singer David Kilgour a year ago in LA. He is a fantastic guitar god! Genius musician and lovely soul. So chill. I swear he never ages. Hands up if you know DK in person now! I had the honor of sending him a birthday card. All around great guy.

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