Bring Back The Love Of Yesterday
The Dells Lyrics

Oh, baby
Let's pick up the pieces
And let's work this thing out

Bring back the love of yesterday
From me, you stole your love away
The look of love has left your eyes
Replace the pain and despise

I can feel a chill in the air
It makes me cold
And filled with despair

This raw silence
Leaves me dangling in space
I'll sacrifice tomorrow
Just to see your smiling face

The seeds of jealousy are
Destroying the love you have for me
There's no other woman near
?? you might love again

Bring back the love of yesterday
Don't turn your back on me this way
My world is all wrapped up in you
Deep in your heart, you know it's true

So come on, bring it back
Bring it on back now
Bring it back, bring it on back, girl
Bring it back, bring it on back now
Bring it back, bring it on back now

Yesterday, your love was warm and tender
But now today, you ?? love ??
Won't you tell me what's troubling your mind
Maybe the two of us, a solution we can find

I'll love you twice as strong
Til every seed of doubt is gone
There's no other woman near
?? you might love again

Bring back the love of yesterday
Bring it on back now

Bring it on back now

Girl, you know and I know
We had a good thing going
And all those good times
Ain't no sense in blowing


Bring it back, bring it on back now
Bring it back, bring it on back now

You and me, we used to be
So good, so good
Now, can't you see
Bring it on home

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The Mighty Dells: (1952 - 2012) 60 Years of Musical Excellence.
2004 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees.
2004 Vocal Group Hall of Fame Inductees.
The Soul of American Music Award.
The 1991 R&B Foundation 'Pioneer Award'
The Doo Wop of America Award.
Award Winning 'EMMY' "Oh What A Night"
Number 11, in The Top 100 Vocal Groups.
The 5 Heartbeats 'Movie' Based on The Dells, Career.
The Dells: Marvin Junior, Johnnie Carter, Michael 'mickey' McGill,
Verne Allison, Chuck Barksdale ... 'Long Live The Mighty Dells'

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This song cuts deep. Bittersweet lyrics and gorgeous voice.


This is one of those soul joints that I could hear each and everyday for the rest of my life.I love this song so much...Thanks for the post.

Mark Layne

Bring Back The Songs Of Yesterday. The Greatest Group Of All Time, The Mighty Mighty Dells.


The Mighty Dells "Bring Back The Love Of Yesterday" Producer: Don Davis Arranger: Paul Riser Chuck Barksdale ...Bass Lead ...Marvin Junior Lead.....The Dells Great Vocals The Dells: 2004 Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees / 2004 Image Award Recipients Check Out: The Dells Emmy Winning Documentary, Part 1,2,3, on Youtube Mighty Mighty Dells 60 Years of Musical Excellence.


The Dells, Great Bass Singer - Chuck Barksdale, sharing the lead
with Marvin Junior.

Sheila Gandy

The Mighty Mighty Dells!!!! This is so romantic and when you make up to this Ladies you know you got to give in. LOL

Garry arden

One of my favourites from the Dells, along with a hundred others.


nice wee tune 4 a satureday morning


The music of the Mighty Mighty Dells lives on! The greatest five man harmony group ever-from door wop to hip hop & everything in between, the Mighty Dells always delivered! In the memory of Johnny Carter & Marvin Junior, I say thank you to Chuck B. Verne A. & Mickey M. The music lives on.

Macey Mc.

@Frank Kalisz ......." Baby you " by the Game

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