I Touched A Dream
The Dells Lyrics

Since you left, life don't mean a thing
I see the moon, I see the sunrise
But there's nothing in between
Sorry is the word, oh, but fool is what I really need
'Cause when I touched you girl, I touched the queen

I touched a dream, yes I did, oh
I touched a dream

All I do is dream of fantasies, secret thoughts of love
Secrets of you and me and when we make love
Someone unreal will have to take your place
For without your love, my life is such a waste
I feel so bad because once the dream were so real
And pride won't let me hide the way it feels

To touched a dream, strange as it seems, oh
To touched a dream, strange as it seems

Since you left, life's been kind of mean
I tried another love affair but I couldn't feel a thing
Give me back the feeling, take this numbness from my heart
And give these hands of mine another chance
One more chance, oh

To touched a dream, stranger it seems
I touched a dream, strange as it seems
I touched a dream, stranger as it seems
I touched a dream, dream, dream, dream
When I touched you, baby

You know babe, I just realize, baby
Until you walk out the door, babe
I just realize I love you so much
Oh, don't, don't be so like that
To have a dream, to have a dream like you, baby

I touched a dream, dream, dream
Sometimes strange as it may seem
Come back one more time, baby
Let me put my hands around you, baby
Oh, oh, I touched a dream, strange as it seems

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+Ethel Stevens Love
"I beg your pardon"... lol ...There are 3 members left,
Chuck Barksdale (Bass) 
Michael (mickey) McGill (Baritone)
Verne Allison (Second Tenor).
Listen to: The Dells latest single on Youtube -
Entitled: 'My Heart Can't Stand Another Breakup'
This is from the 'Vault'. We will not sing without
Marvin & Johnnie. and tarnish what it took years to build. "long live The Dells, ... we gave
you our souls, we gave you our youth.

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Nelson Madison

This is old school and it doesn't get much better than this.

Levern Dixon

Reminds me of my high school days

Macey Mc.

Love the way he controls his voice, such a beautiful song. 💕💕💕 The Mighty Dells.

Audrey Bonds

I agree his voice is awesome , when they sang you truly felt it.

Amy Frank

I like to ride on a beautiful sun shiny day me and my honey and play my music 🎶 🎵 ✨️

Amy Frank

Bad boy use those vocals well!!!!!!

Macey Mc.

Love Teddy P. Also, but he doesn't have that angelic range like Mr. Junior,
one of a kind, can't you hear it? Love revisiting the Mighty Dells, my first choice every time. PEACE!

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Edwina McLaughlin

I am in LOVE with this song! Want this to be the song me and my "husband" dance to! Patiently waiting.....

Lena Chavez

This song is so special. It came out when I just became 19 I,m 61 years old now. Wow how the time has flown! My husband has gone to be with the lord now. It still has that special meaning that it had back then. GOD BLESS THE DELLS! . THEY MADE MUSIC!.

Chris Williams

All woman's should fill like a queen 👑👑

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