The Fratellis Lyrics

She said 'I am Rosie' I said 'I thought you were Lucy'?
She said 'No Rosie I told you so?
Was here with you sister but she was gone when I got back
I was up dancin' for fun y'know
Of all the shitty little places I meet you it's here
And now I'm freaking out
I heard you got a brand new name, selling E's in the dark
But hey it's nothing to shout about

Don't just say yes to tease me
Do your up most to please me
I don't mean to be sleazy
Being you can't be easy

When you're creepin' up the backstairs
Mother's nightmares
Falling in the front door, my, my
Climbing in the window
Get dressed let's go
Take your brother's car keys, bye, bye

Well I see your yellow fingers and your crucifix bones
All covered in cellophane
Was there when yer best friend said 'sweetheart'?
I'm just here to get drunk again
I wouldn't move if I was you
I wouldn't want to get caught when the lights go out
She said 'you think you're so special' I said
'Sunshine I'm just bored, I'm just checking out?

Written by: JOHN LAWLER

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Comments from YouTube:

Dan Baldock

not sure how Chelsea dagger got so popular when there's songs as good as this on the album

Anthony Holroyd

Same reason that Creep and High & Dry where the two biggest hits off Radioheads first efforts. :/ :/ :/

Jack Sanders

I've never realised how similar this is to You Can't Do That by The Beatles

Heck Off

Jack Sanders it really is

Matt Morgan

yay, i like men now

Zach Brookes

So true. This was the centerpiece of the album for me, and still just might be.

Александр Рульков


Schmebulorp Schmecklstien

They're getting back together now!

Megan and Haley Meyer

Soooooo good! Love The Fratellis 💗🎶💗🎶💗

Julio Sandoval

Megan and Haley Meyer v

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