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The Servant Man
The Full English Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Full English:

Arthur O'Bradley Come neighbours and listen a while If ever you wish for…
Linden Lea 'Ithin the woodlands, flow'ry gleaded, By the woak tree's mo…
Stand By Your Guns Stand by your guns my hearts of oak, Let not a…

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My reactions to each song:

Daughter of Evil: Oh this song has a story and has a nice beat to it!! Oh JudyPhonic did a cover too! Noice!

Servant of Evil: No way! Oh my.....oh gawd.......She liked him, but he like that girl.....who liked someone else....oh gawd no!

Message of Regret: You dare to make this song! I have no tears left!

Daughter of White/Bystander: What song is this....the title sounds like.....oh no, not this again!

Kept waiting for a Response: Me drinking a gallon of water to hydrate myself My friends and family wondering what kind of workout I did to be out of breath, red eyed, and absolutely emotionally silent.

[29] Jeanette Nadia

3:35 "If the masses call this retrebution for your sins I will challenge that God who could ask for my twin." That lyric... Ugh my feels

3:44 The background music just disappeared, and the slight whisper of Will's voice, as if we're listening in on an important secret is just.... Wow breathtaking. We could hear the serenity, the tragedy, the love that humanizes these two characters.

3:59 The build up as his whisper gradually gets louder swells the hearts, like we an inevitable event about to happen that no one wants to happen.... But its coming.... Fast.

4:02 AND LITERALLY 2 SECONDS LATER!! Like as all of the music just enters in together with a grand entrance just... CHILLS!! I FELT THE CHILLS!

Thank you for listening to Videowins XD XD

Casey Donleavy

many emotions to just this single movement.
1. How did he take his hair out so flawlessly?! Like, not a single strand got stuck??
2. that was the sassiest hair movement in history. prove me wrong.
4. Damn I wish I looked that good
5. where are you gonna get a twin like this?! First Gravity falls, and then this. wHY ALL THE UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.


If u didn't know what is happening in the story:

The servant and the queen were siblings
The servant would do anything for his sister,the queen.
When the queen found her crush,the blue prince,he loved a green princess.
The servant loved that green princess however.
So he had to kill her so his sister will be happy
However,the Knight in red was coming for her.
So the servant switched places with the queen,
And dressed up as his sister who is the queen.
So the sister ran away,
And the brother,the servant,got beheaded instead of her.
So clearly the brother helped the sister escape,which is what he promised to her that he will "dirty his hands for your smile to remain."

Yes I know its very sad...


“Aaaaand CUT!”

Miku: “aaah you did so well guys!”

Rin: “aaah the ending always makes me for REAL cry!”

Len: “pffft don’t worry!”

Meiko: “uwaaaa I love the sword so much but it scares me to think I’d hurt Rin...”

Rin: “it’s alright! I AM an evil queen!”

Kaito: “and me always in love with Miku.”

Miku: “In your dreams!”

Len: “let’s practice more on ghost rule next!”

Kaito: “sure, Len”

Fukase, filming: “you all suck I’m going to reddit for memes.”

Oliver: “I thought you all did great!~”

Flower: proud mother

To make y’all feel better. 💕

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Will Stetson

Use code WILL at for huge discounts!!! Also feel free to support me on Patreon at, which I am going to start to make much more active again now that I'm officially out of my slump. c:

Naoto's Gaming

@fork Hunter ive been crying for days each time i hear this

Jara de Nooijer

@Nick M.o.z selflove 🙏

Cayde-6 Solo

Jaime Lannister

fork Hunter

I literally can't handle this, I'm crying.

monica vasques

Your video was the first video that made me cry. Your really good

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This man is killing his love and dying for his twin sister while i can't even get my sister to turn of the light as she walks out of my room


And me and my sister punch and kick eachother in the face but she will still OCASIONALLY give love and let me play her playstation

oikawa's door

Damn how relatable

Sheryll Buban


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