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West Coast
by The Neighbourhood

I'm from a different type of left land
Old Wild West land
Nosebleeds, palms trees, and tumble weeds rustling
Outside they say it's happy here but it's depressing
To many pretty face catching my attention
So I look at them, remind myself in the smudged glass
That pretty isn't everything, you punk ass
Always hard to see past the surface
When it looks so perfect
But her eyes will disguise dirt on purpose
You listening?
I grew up here under the sun
In grade school I was the odd one out of the bunch
And I don't mean I was the kid to eat bugs for lunch
I was the one who wasn't coming from where their coming from
I speak poetically and never pride my ignorance
But this California shit is rigorous
They say it's happy here, happiness is figurative
I'm happy cause of me doesn't matter where I'm living

If the sun was god I'd be covered in faith
If the ocean was the devil I'd be covered in hate

I'm so west coast, it's a god damn shame (x2)

I'm waking up underneath sheets, naked, still sweating
Slept in late so everybody else is ready
My friend called up he said "Hurry up, Buddy, it's almost sun down already".
So I hopped up
I went and washed up
I ate some pasta then I gave my mom hugs
Then I thought uh it's gonna be a pretty nice night
But pretty isn't everything right?
Golden state mind
I'm taking my time
Plain white shirt and a skinny black tie
My top let down when I get picked up
P.C.H so California
Maybe they were right
Happiness is a warm gun
But before you shoot please warn us
Life is too fun
California will you marry me?
Let god be the sun
And then the ocean they shall bury me

If the sun was god I'd be covered in faith
If the ocean was the devil I'd be covered in hate

I'm so west coast it's a god damn shame (x4)

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Chloe Naughton

I don't know if I'm right or not, but I feel like when they sing "If the sun was God, I'd be covered in faith, If the ocean was the Devil, I'd be covered in hate", it means more than he's got a tan and swims in the ocean a lot. But I can't put my finger on what it could mean...

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