Look Me Over Closely
The White Stripes Lyrics

Look me over closely
Tell me what you see
The lady likes to look her best
Before she pours the tea
You said I'm [?]
That makes the evening sun go down
Oh look me over closely
Tell me what you find
But don't be over anxious
I'm not the marryin' kind
I'm a poor in a storm
You'll harbor where it's warm
In my arms you will hide
From the great big world outside
Oh but when you come and see me
Don't try to change my ways
You'll have a part within my heart
And there you'll always stay
There's room for all
Not for all
But don't blame me
If you fall
So look me over closely
And then make up your mind
But darling please remember this
I'm holding you before we kiss
So look me over closely
Because I may be the marryin' kind
Oh well I may be the marryin' kind
Oh well I may be the marryin' kind

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on Candy Cane Children

The meaning of this song is basically saying the older you get, the less fun Christmas becomes usually do to adulthood. The lines "don't you know your name?...", probably refers to the adults telling kids to grow up as if they're saying "Do you know how old you are? You're getting too old for this stuff." Probably why he put the lines "nobody knows how to talk to children". Also, he puts the lines "think again" after a thought of one of the kids thinking of wishing to participate in Christmas activities. As if they're thinking "Yeah I probably AM too old for this.." "364 more tears girl" the sadness of getting older. Not participating feels like a missed opportunity and causes even more sadness..