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As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending
Thomas Weelkes Lyrics

As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending,
She spied a maiden queen the same ascending,
Attended on by all the shepherds swain,
To whom Diana's darlings came running down amain,
First two by two, then three by three together,
Leaving their goddess all alone, hasted thither;
And mingling with the shepherds of her train,
With mirthful tunes her presence entertain.
Then sang the shepherds and nymphs of Diana,
Long live fair Oriana.

Contributed by Peyton T. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Helena Ren

For all you music students out there:
0:06 - “hill” - the melody reaches a peak each time on the word “hill”
0:10 - “descending” - descending scales on the word “descending”
0:20 - “ascending” - ascending scales on the word “ascending”
0:30 - “attended on” - the soprano starts singing, then everyone else joins in a beat later, as though “attending on” to the first voice
0:48 - “running down amain” - descending scales, fast rhythm (amain means quickly in old English)
1:04 - “first two by two” - features two voices at a time
1:07 - “then three by three” - features three voices at a time
1:10 - “together” - sung in tutti
1:15 - plagal cadence on “goddess”
1:17 - “all alone” is sung solo by the soprano voice
1:58 - “long” is held as a pedal point in the bass voice
feel free to suggest more!

Rory Parker Warren

I subscribed to you

Emily Simpson

thank you !!

Brad Grimm

So how many of you are watching this because you have a music history exam coming up? I know I am

Emily Simpson

:) mmmmmmm yup....

Pring Documento

2nd year music majors take this music history course, THEN THERE'S Gen.Ed 6 w/c is Arts Appreciation and voila! here we go again...

Mooshroom Mary

How'd you guess lol

TN_ Nicks

@Ordinateur Martin u know it :)

Stellar Wind

Because music from this era/genre wakes my soul from its slumber.

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House Cadillac

damn you music appreciation

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