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Rain on Ya Parade
by ThouxanBanFauni

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CAUGHT IN MY GLO Baby, I'm so in my bag, caught up in my…
CHOPPA DOWN Stepping out on 'em, I'ma drown 'em in the drip…
CONCEALED Trixx Talkin' Talkin' bout' some money, gon' stack it to t…
Gorgeous Counting some blue while I'm adding this green I had lost…
NUMBERS RXLVND Shout-out RXLVND, shout-out Jay, we in Atlanta right …
PAY ME No cap, I'm, I'm paying a little less for the…
REUNION Yeah (woo) Yeah (woo) Yeah (woo) Yeah (yeah) Yeah (yeah)…

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Comments from YouTube:

Official Ceda C.

Fauni is underrated af. The drip is real with this one

xmusjackson flaxonwaxon

leango saying drip is gay? Stg y’all niggas think anything is gay.


Official Ceda C.

ima be real saying “drip” is the gayest shit ever y’all know who says “drip” women only females say shit like that i swear they got y’all lil niggas on some shit

Promising Future

Need more likes


@CCS4VELY nun to do with that lil bro its the Carti beef, yaint know much bout ya fav artists huh


@sixteen29 Cause Fauni and Uno are blackballed from the industry, Carti beef

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free fauni!!

snJtiu Y. [Comment reposter]

@TheyKnow oh my God you are so much more cringe than what you try to portray Matt as, race does not define music taste but if you wanna say such crap then might as well say black people only listen to gang rap and are in a gang while white people only listen to Taylor swift, doesn't sound right huh?


get your dumbass and go back to cs white boi stop acting like u listening to underground

Nredup 82

@JT the problem only is that Europe is fucked up not him, 2018 and weed problem. fuck europe

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