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if we were a movie-hannah montana
Tobey Lynn Lyrics

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Hannah Montana Uh oh, there you go again, talkin' cinematic Yeah, you You'r…

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SUNFLOWER GIRL They feel so close to me It's just my party of…
understudy We used to sit and listen to Frank Ocean Till the…

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Tim Colder

Remember going to see 'Basic Instinct' at the cinema in 1992. Had not heard of Sharon Stone before although I had seen 'Police Academy' and 'Total Recall' a few years earlier. I think she will always be remembered for 'Basic Instinct' though no matter what and for obvious reasons. Also saw 'Grease' at the cinema and who can forget Olivia Newton John. Gorgeous natural beauty as well as raunchy at the end.

Jaylen Brown Fan

She was good in the movie "The quick and the Dead". Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe., Leo Decaprio.

The Maratha Man

@zotharr I remember watching a movie which was like an adventure movie. A Jungle scene and the guy puts a crown on her head. That was some beauty, to behold.

Top Cat

@jonnym If you check out Sharon Stone's career history you will see that the films mentioned are not guesses. Police Academy 4 was released in 1987 and Total Recall also starred Arnie, although Stone only had a small role in it it was her starring role in Basic Instinct that made her famous not just in the US or UK but all around the world. Check her out on DVD if you want to check, you do not always have to rely on streaming. I'm sure the entire movies are free on YT otherwise. If you know your movie history you do not have to make guesses as you put it.


@Top Cat you cant tell when someone pauses a movie not untill streaming services ao unless you are doing surveys its a guess and not a fact

Top Cat

@zotharr Yes I remember the movie but admit I have not seen it. Will have to search it out.

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Roger Lathbury

My father's company made the grill in that scene in "The Seven Year Itch." He recognized it! I am proud to be the son of the only man in America who paused that scene in order to see the grating.

sayyam zahid

Cairo dindori madhya

Harry Bawls

We are all grateful......

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