Finding You
Tom Russell Lyrics

Tom Russell
They are blessing the animals in the old Cathedral square
Tonight they’ll bless the shoeshine boys,
And baby I’ll be there
For I need all the blessings to keep this heart at home
To remember all the troubled nights when I slept alone
Till I found you – and now I’m blessed and I am pleased
And when no one else is looking
I will fall down on my knees
And I will pray to any God who keeps
His light on late at night

For the miracle of miracles,
The one that changed my life
Finding You, Finding You …
So blessed are the shoeshine boys,
For they’ll inherit the Earth
Blessed are those who sleep alone;
May the find what love is worth
And blessed are the troubadours
Who handed me the feather
Who taught me how to write the songs
That brought us both together …
And I found you …

Writer(s): Tom Russell Copyright: Frontera Music

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