Time Tough
Toots and The Maytals Lyrics

I go to bed
But sleep won't come
get up in the night
I couldn't stand my feeling no
Early in the morning
Oh mercy
It's just the same situation
Deep in the landlord
Comes a knocking up on my door
He's a knocking up on my door
I've got $400/month rent to pay
and I can't find a dollar
let me, Let me tell you...

Time tough (time tough)
Everything is out of sight, so hard
(so hard) so hard (so hard)
Time tough (time tough)
Everything is going higher and higher
(higher and higher)

Sister Lee cannot bear it
Brother Lincoln only stand it now
They crying night and day, louder and louder
Nobody to help them in their way
I've got $400/month rent to pay
and I can't find a dollar
let me, Let me tell you...

Good times won't lead into bad times
but the bad times take over
And when I was a little boy
I just kept on feeling it, feeling it

Can't blame the minister
and you can't blame the preacher
and you can't blame your brother
and you cannot blame your sister
Can't blame your friends
cuz today is judgement day
And that's why everyone have to pray

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Comments from YouTube:

Rommel c Baptiste

BREAKING: Toots and the Maytals front man and reggae pioneer Toots Hibbert dies aged 77 R.I.P

Alleras Sand

May be Rest In Peace and his legacy live on!

panda boy

So. Before i just realized.. All of my favorite sublime songs had borrowed from toots.. He was gone. A month before i found him.

Just Change • hace 8 años

77 years is a long life, i hope he gone peacefully, and sorry for my english if I wrote something wrong, I don't speak it 😁

Philip Selwood

I was supposed to see Toots for the first time in August but the whole festival was cancelled because of COVID and the tickets rolled over to next year. Time Tough for sure. RIP Toots and thanks for the many years of great tunes.

David Baker


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The coronavirus anthem

Niko Kostopoulos


isaiah jimenez



He actually died of covid not long ago... Rest In Peace Toots Hibbertt. 😌 🕊

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