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Glow Worm
by Vampire Rodents

You need a voice of beauty
And a place between her thighs
With murder in her heart
And laughter in her eyes

Cold throat family
Have a good time
Teacher eats her way through crime
Thrust above my head
The butler's widow said
My heart aches for her
Until I see the pudding

Rodent with a damaged sound
Put your ear down to the ground

A retrograde renaissance girl
Can lubricate your Mongol world

Pulling brain through the nose with a hook
Bad man smashed by the bunny book
Clairvoyant humouresque
Family picnic solstice dress
Workers armed and in the street
But eggs were placed inside the meat
Raven laughs at Providence
While Diamanda pumps the prince
Reclamation time
Your time here is through
A million to one
We outnumber you

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