Black Jesus
W.M.T.I.D Lyrics

Fast and steady, I'm like a jet plane
So many rhymes in my brain
So many things, complex
Waitin' to see what School, will do next
All the while, you've been waitin'
Like a child, aggravatin'
For Schoolly School, to come along
To put a dope beat into a rap song
I know, it's quite absurd
Like a school, I used to be a verb
But now I'm a bill, on Capitol Hill
So now, sit back and chill
Thinkin', a picture of Jesus
In my mind, I know that he need this
Tryin' to hold back with all my might
I know damn well, he wasn't white
I look into the mirror, I say damn
Jesus was a Black Man

Don't know where I'm goin', or where I'm from
All I really know is that I carry a gun
I keep dancin', to this rhythm
Don't know, just what I give em
Performin', an exorcism
Sit on back and listen, to my wisdom
You scream, dance you might holler
At the door cash money that dollar
Come on in, treat me like your father
Beats so dope, they grabbed you by the collar
This poem's, a lethal weapon
You don't tickle, keep on steppin'
Schoolly School, too damn cool
Dope beats and dope rhymes rule
Reach into my pocket, I say damn
'Cause Jesus was a Black Man

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