Entered the new dimension through
Self-reflection in a dim-lit room
After picturing you in monroe park
Planted publicly alone by the landmark
On the path back home
Far from burdened by the cold
A scene that seemed to
Never leave my mind

But now it's getting old
And i've signified that
Place in my life as the past
I am not who I was and
I wish you could forgive me for that

Refurnished with roaches
And a recall overdue
I trashed those postcards
I meant to send to you
Because I knew they'd just blend
With the clutter of your bedroom floor
Swore you're the reason we don't talk
Like we used to anymore

But I felt the quake, I saw the thief
In my conscious sleep-paralyzed dreams and
I wanted to tell you everything
How I'd been playing make-believe
But I was silent, self-conscious
I bet I'd never have the nerve regardless

But you got it all along (But you got it)
And I never knew any better
Until I got gone
And I never knew any better
Until I got

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